2017 Honda TRX90X

Honda is fighting modern era as the best they can. Japanese manufacturer makes a lot of interesting vehicles for all generations. The 2017 Honda TRX90X is entry level ATV perfect for kids. If they are thinking PC games are bringing fun, they should try new off-road vehicle. Highlights of the TRX90X are fuel-friendly performance and excellent design. Finally it can run over various types of terrain, mostly off road. Powertrain is supported with many features to boost specs and driving impression. As always, Honda’s product is durable and reliable, so driver doesn’t need to worry about these.

2017 Honda TRX90X

2017 Honda TRX90X engine

New 2017 Honda TRX90X is using an 86 cc air-cooled engine as its source of power. This SOHC unit is proven and four-stroke drivetrain can offer smooth delivery. Finally it is mated to a 4-speed automatic clutch transmission. Also, electric starter with push button is installed for better ignition. New TRX90X maintains advantages and highlights of its predecessors. It is durable and reliable ATV. Convenience is another plus. Finally starting, shifting and handling are at top level. Transmission box is automatic, and power delivery depends on riding conditions, especially terrain and weather.

2017 Honda TRX90X

2017 Honda TRX90X features

Suspension is better for new ATV. Finally there are two shock absorbers. These can travel 2,6 inches, making a ride very comfortable. Furthermore, on the back, there is single-shock suspension. Handling is also affected with it, but in positive way. The 2017 Honda TRX90X ATV has two color options. There are red and olive variants. There are black frames and wheels to break the monotony. New vehicle offers adjustable throttle limiter for speed and power control. Seat is at 26 inches, and there is slightly less space between frame and ground. Clearance there is 3.9 inches. Overall weight is 262 pounds with full gas tank. By the way, TRX90X can take up to 1.7 gallons of gasoline. Finally price of the 2017 Honda TRX90X $3,000, no matter which color is chosen. More powerful TRX250X is valued higher, and it offers more power and excitement.

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