2017 Honda TRX400X

The TRX400X ATV currently offers 2014 year model. Meanwhile, cost of parts and materials jumped, so company decided to make a break in development. With few years of delay, it is confirmed that new model is not coming as 2017 Honda TRX400X. We still don’t have confirmed details about ATV, but there is a document saying new machine is not on the way. Also, Honda said bigger TRX450R ATV is also part of reducing costs. Two vehicles could bring some excitement in this segment, but not in near future. However, fans and enthusiasts believe that owners are going to change their minds. This will mean that Honda TRX400X could come as 2017 or 2018 year model.

2017 Honda TRX400X

2017 Honda TRX400X specs

If new 2017 Honda TRX400X continues tradition, new machine will be durable and reliable. This ATV was not fast, but impression in ride is unmatched yet. However, low sale record could be caused by price. Company still stands firm about their statement. New ATV won’t be out next year. Another confirmation about this is announced lineup for 2017. There is no TRX400X on the list, while other models already headed to dealerships. One more reason is battle between ATV and UTV machines. Recently, side-by-side models dominated the market, and every all-terrain vehicle had loses in sales.

2017 Honda TRX400X

2017 Honda TRX400X market

Before new ATV is going to be launched, Honda must make huge analysis of the market. After exploration and research, Japanese carmaker can find out what exactly buyers want. However, it takes time, but we must not exclude severity of Honda. New 2017 Honda TRX400X could come later next year, although lineup is announced. There are some other examples of late arrivals. This is the only hope for all fans and enthusiasts that they will see 2017 TRX400X.

2017 Honda TRX400X rear view

Price of the ATV could surprise. Last model, released in 2014, costs $6,400. Possible 2017 machine could offer vehicle under $6,000 to raise sale numbers and lure more buyers.

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