2017 Honda StepWGN

Honda deliver us a new upcoming van 2017 Honda StepWGN with many advantages and useful redesign which never goes out of order. This is new generation of MPV vehicles with innovations of gate mechanism on the tailgate. With high recommendations, this wagon is useful in everyday life for transport and travelling. Thanks to viral promotion and campaign for its predecessor, people are more familiar with these types of vehicle and demanding is rising slow but secure. The most influence market is definitely USA and Canada.

2017 Honda StepWGN

2017 Honda StepWGN drivetrain

There was many speculations about engine of new 2017 Honda STEP WGN. It turns out that current engine of its predecessor is also part of the offer in this model. However, we can expect power train made of 1.5-liter 4-cylinder motor with direct injection. This combo is good for 150 hp and 155 lb-ft of torque.  Transmission is CVT gearbox that distributes power to all 4 wheels. Mileage is certain to get improvement during the final tests. More details about engine specs are coming after final presentation.

2017 Honda StepWGN engine

 2017 Honda StepWGN design

The 2017 Honda StepWGN will be available in two modes sporty and standard. Space inside is larger, with more equipment so the rows between the seats can be adjustable for travelers. In overall concept includes the latest LED tech which have well position in all shape both in and out. There is materials from genuine leather combined with artificial details such us rubber, plastic… New upgraded details are grille which is modified and centered right in front. Latest Google + program installed and yet investments are continuing to grow so the demanding is still rising. The 2017 StepWGN can receive six passengers arranged in three rows of seats.

2017 Honda StepWGN back

2017 Honda StepWGN price

It is unknown when the final premiere of this new 2017 Honda StepWGN take place but is happening in Japan. Preparations are over and only right date is waiting. Some speculations say that final release will be in late 2017 and there is also a new data about next year promotion. Base models won’t have high price about $20,000 and still for updated model price will go even higher.

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