2017 Honda Stateline

The 2017 Honda Stateline will have tons of new riders looking for it. Also, fans can’t wait to see what it brings. Few things are certain. For example, functionality and comfort are main attributes when Honda spokesmen write about this vehicle. That makes Stateline an excellent cruiser, being different from most of competition. And it is not easy to success nowadays. Another reason for new model are new rival bikes. This motorcycle is going to be very similar to Fury, and two models will share most of their parts.

2017 Honda Stateline

2017 Honda Stateline engine

Power source of the 2017 Honda Stateline will be a 1312 cc engine. This four-stroke V-2 unit has 3 valves and Programmed fuel economy system. Single overhead cams are there for fuel control, and V-twin engine has bore and stroke at 89.5 x 104.3 mm. Mapping in 3D mode is ignition. Power goes through 5-speed transmission box. Big engine can’t use air for cooling, so Stateline comes with liquid cooling system. As we already mentioned, bike is functional. Also, cruiser is very economical, with 46 mpg fuel economy rate, or 5 liters per 100 km.

2017 Honda Stateline chassis

2017 Honda Stateline design

We can say that new 2017 Honda Stateline has appearance of the classic American bikes. This might be the recipe of the success. Stateline was the first vehicle using this language, and soon after public accepted it, other companies started to make similar bikes. Nevertheless, Honda also launched few similar models, including Fury. For 2017 season, both motorcycles will use same platform. According to early information, bold design is dominating appearance once again. On upcoming model we will have interesting frame. For example, double downtube and cradle suffer modification. Seating position will be at 27 inches. Rake is set at 32 degrees. Front tire is 17-inch, and rear one is smaller, probably 15-incher.

2017 Honda Stateline

2017 Honda Stateline price

Base models of the 2017 Honda Stateline will cost around $10,000. There are additional options, but they increase price. For example, ABS costs $300, while colors, beside standard, must be paid $1000.

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