2017 Honda S660

The 2017 Honda S660 will come as all-new model. Company already works on this model for some time and it looks like production model is very close. A prototype was already presented. It was very well accepted both by the crowd and experts. This model is expected to come in Japan first. Worldwide version will come a little bit later and it will be slightly different, primarily because model for domestic market will be designed to meet the standards of the so-called Kei category. Although production was planned for this year, all latest reports indicate that new car will come in 2016, as 2017 Honda S660.

2017 Honda S660 specs

2017 Honda S660

The 2017 Honda S660 will come as all-new model. Although it doesn’t have some direct predecessor, it is already named as some kind of spiritual successor of legendary Honda Beat. This car was very popular during 90s. New model is also designed to be an extremely lightweight car, which will come with mid-engine and RWD layout. It will come as 2-seat roadster. As it was expected, 2017 S660 is designed to meet the demands of the domestic Kei segment, which has many benefits, compared to other cars. So, production model will be very small. Total length will be around 11 feet, while curb weight will be between 1800 and 1900 pounds, depending on transmission and some other features.

2017 Honda S660 redesign

When it is about styling, new model will be completely adapted to the company’s latest design language. We will see similar front fascia to the new NSX, only in smaller pack. However, 2017 S660 will come with some unique details like wheels etc.

2017 Honda S660 interior

2017 Honda S660 engine and performances

It will be very interesting new model’s performances. Although it will come with very modest numbers, company promises excellent performances. Thanks to the small dimensions and extremely light weight. The 2017 Honda S660 will be powered by the engine which will have displacement of 660 cubic inches. Since it will be a Kei car, it won’t have more than 63 horsepower. When it is about transmission, you will have a choice between 6-speed manual and CVT. However, an export version will definitely come with some bigger engine. According to some reports, it will be powered by 1.0 liter engine, which outputs around 125 horsepower.

2017 Honda S660 rear view

2017 Honda S660 release date and price

The 2017 Honda S660 is expected to come late next year. The U.S. model is expected to go around 25.000 dollars.

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