2017 Honda S1000

Finally, after many years of brake, Honda will once again have some true sports cars in it is lineup. There are several models that will come in near future. One of them will be 2017 Honda S1000, which is expected to come next year. This will be an all-new model. It will be a lightweight sports car. It will have excellent handling and great performances. This model be offered primarily for the North American market, but we won’t be surprised if we see it on some other markets too.

2017 Honda S1000 specs

2017 Honda S1000 front view

The 2017 Honda S1000 will come as all-new model, designed primarily for the U.S. market. It could be considered as an export version of S660, which is coming for the Japanese market, as some kind of spiritual successor of legendary Honda Beat. This will be a model which will use plenty of advanced technologies, especially in its construction. The 2017 S1000 will be made of ultra-light materials. It will provide significant weight savings. Total weight of the car will be around 1900 pounds. It you add to this a decent amount of power, it is easy to conclude that this car will be a true killer in terms of performances. Especially when it is about handling and maneuverability.

2017 Honda S1000 redesign

When it is about look, 2017 Honda S1000 will come with the pretty much the same appearance as Japanese S660, with only some small, barely-notable minor differences. It will come as small two-door roadster, with same design language that is used for new NSX.

2017 Honda S1000 rear view

2017 Honda S1000 engine

The 2017 Honda S1000 will have great performances. Unlike S660, which will come adapted to the Japanese Kei car standards and have only 63 horsepower, export model will come with significantly more power. This roadster will use 1.0 liter engine, which will have around 125 horses, which is about two times more, compared to S660. If you add to this extra light body of 2017 S1000, excellent performances are guaranteed. When it is about transmission, we expect to see both automatic and manual gearboxes in offer.

2017 Honda S1000 interior

2017 Honda S1000 release date and price

The 2017 Honda S1000 is expected to come somewhere in the second half of next year, but more precise date of launch is still unknown. According to some predictions, U.S. version will cost around 25.000 dollars in base variant.

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