2017 Honda Rincon

Rincon is heavyweight ATV from Honda which exist for 14 years. First appearance was in 2003 and ever since it has its wide base of lovers. Now, the 2017 Honda Rincon is refreshed. One of the major styling change is addition of Black paintjobs. The most powerful ATV is excellent for off-road adventures with its long travel and curb weight. Also, strong engine is supporting 4×4 drive system in best way. As it is the biggest ATV in 2017 year lineup, price of the new Rincon is going to be higher than its siblings.

2017 honda rincon

2017 Honda Rincon engine

Heart of the 2017 Honda Rincon is a 675 cc liquid-cooled drivetrain. It is four-stroke unit mated to a 3-speed automatic gearbox. Transmission can be purchased as manual. There is independent rear suspension available for this machine. Travel up front is 7 inches, and back 8 inches. Honda also offers twin-plug cylinder head on the four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. It uses recently innovated longitudinal-crankshaft layout. With it, more power is forwarded to ground. This is especially important for heavier models.

2017 honda rincon

2017 Honda Rincon redesign

Styling of the 2017 Honda Rincon is almost unchanged comparing to previous edition. Major modification comes to color palette. Black color is added to existing paintjobs, red and Honda Phantom Camo. Trims with Camo color scheme cost more. New Rincon gets rugged bodywork and strong steel racks front once again. List of features is long and these can be also upgraded. Last model was criticized for its comfort for long rides. We believe designers put some effort here, and it is about to be changed. Riders can be excited with adventure 2017 Rincon brings, so longer trips are not impossible. Curb weight is set at 657 pounds. However, higher trims, with black and camo paintjob are 12 pounds heavier. This includes full 4.4-gallon fuel tank. There is 1.2-gallon reserve.

2017 honda rincon rear view

2017 Honda Rincon price

Base units of the 2017 Honda Rincon can be found for $9,300. Phantom camo paintjob raises value for around $450. Fully equipped models can make new ATV cost more than $11,000. Finally there are windscreen and various cargo additions included.

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