2017 Honda NM4

Probably the most important thing for all bikers is comfort on the saddle. That is exactly what new 2017 Honda NM4 brings. Inspiration for this motorcycle came from anima movers, and designers turned it into two-wheel vehicle. So, with attractive concept and idea, final product can’t fail. Interesting, the NM4 has a scooter’s appearance, but it is perfect bike for longer trips. As classic roadsters, it is durable and reliable, with nice output and smooth work of engine. All existing owners of this bike will be on needles to take another ride on new model. On the other hand, Honda’s designers prepared few additions for potential buyers.

2017 Honda NM4

2017 Honda NM4 specs

Powertrain of the 2017 Honda NM4 is a 670 cc unit with bore and stroke set at 73 and 80 mm. This is good balance for SOHC parallel twin drivetrain. Engine has an electric starter, which is not going to fail. Rider needs just to jump on the saddle and head into new adventure. For longer trips liquid-cooling system is much better that the aerial. Transmission system is optional. Buyers can pick between manual and automatic, and both boxes have 6 speeds.

2017 Honda NM4 side view

2017 Honda NM4 features

The 2017 Honda NM4 has more or less standard features for this kind of motorcycle from Japanese manufacturer. Nevertheless, there are hydraulic discs on the both ends as brakes. However, up front, diameter is 320 mm, and rear one is shorter. But, rear suspension is twin sided swing arm, made by Pro Link. Front suspension is telescopic fork. There is also spring pre-lead installed on NM4 bike. Height of the seat is 25.6 inches, and motorcycle can take up to 3 gallons of fuel. Overall wheelbase is 65 inches long, and curb weight, with all liquids, including petrol, is 562 pounds.

2017 Honda NM4 dashboard

2017 Honda NM4 price and options

New bike is available from $11,000. It can go up to 62 mpg, if all conditions are met. That includes weather, tire pressure, maintenance, etc. Also, total output from 2017 Honda NM4 is 47 hp and 44 lb-ft of torque. Euro spec can offer more, about 54 hp and 50 pound-feet of torque.

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