2017 Honda Grace

The new 2017 Honda Grace is real novelty on a market. Since the past years did not have much result, this model will show how modern tech can work. With upgraded engine and bright design this vehicle has a chance for success. First units are expecting to be sent in Japan for mini presentation and other observation. This just means that power of market will stretch on a eastern side too. Expectations are more than a positive and also reactions of domestic investors.

2017 Honda Grace

2017 Honda Grace redesign

New 2017 Honda Grace will appear in various colors, its demand is so popular that there is a multiple choice in the mix. This design has many similarities from gamers’ presentations. Most of a body will have futuristic design and many lightning involved front and back. The order will be elegant so we can see the use of LED technology which is the safest and secure choice. Wheels will be 16-inch model with flat tires also virtue over 15-inches which will give sporty look and massive appearance. Choice of every client who deserves quality for own investment.

2017 Honda Grace side

2017 Honda Grace engine

Engine for 2017 Honda Grace will not change much comparing to predecessors. Maybe couple of updated form but it seems to be the best option related with a 1.5-liter DOHC engine with direct-injection. It can gain steady force of 135 hp. Transmission will take 4.5 L/100 km, or 32 mpg with front-wheel drive and more with four-wheel drive. It is more secure that other version will be in use.

2017 Honda Grace seats

2017 Honda Grace release date and price

According to last data about presentation, there was a little peek from the factory. It seems that 2017 Honda Grace is going to go out as a first base unit in Japan and there will be many additions. Its price will go round $14,500 but there is a chance that price will go over $16,000. This variety depends from updated versions and materials which were in use.

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