2017 Honda Gold Wing

One of the greatest rivals on the streets for Harley Davidson since its arrival is Gold Wing from Honda. This vehicle is in par with legendary American cruiser. Now, renewal of this line is starting soon. With new suspension, this bike should come as 2017 Honda Gold Wing. Nevertheless, well-known fairing and windshield are keeping its look. There are also many other features added to upcoming machine. Some of them were carried over to F6B and Deluxe version of Gold Wing.

2017 Honda Gold Wing front view

2017 Honda Gold Wing styling

We expect so many changes on the 2017 Honda Gold Wing. First of all, Japanese company is working on new suspension. First bike that shows them will be Gold Wing. Furthermore, front forks are telescopic, with unique design, connected to suspension. Front one is ready, and Honda is working on fenders for them. These features are going to be ready very soon. Machine is using the same platform for the past 30 years. Such is the case with 2017 model. Fairing and windshield are similar to these on 1980s bike. Modernized, they keep rider safe from weather conditions. Handgrips have heating and safety is raised to another level.

2017 Honda Gold Wing engine

Changes on the powertrain are not expected for new bike. Experts are sure that 1832 cc engine is giving the power to 2017 Honda Gold Wing. Of course, such big drivetrain must use liquid cooling system. Bore and stroke are set at 74 mm x 71 mm. Programmed fuel injection feature is now standard on all motorbikes, and so it is with 2017 Gold Wing. Motorcycle uses 5-speed overdrive-ratio transmission, same as it is placed on last GL1800. This system is good for output of 115 hp and fuel consumption of 40 mpg. With 5.4-gallon tank, range of the new bike is around 215 miles. There are many conditions for these numbers. However, motorcycle can go less if you attach a trailer on it.

2017 Honda Gold Wing rear view

2017 Honda Gold Wing release date

If everything goes according to plan of Honda’s designers, this bike can go out somewhere next year, probably summer. Well, price is more predictable, since there are no big changes. Estimated cost of the 2017 Honda Gold Wing is around $32,500.

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