2017 Honda Fit Shuttle

Beside standard offer of popular hatchback, we will see 2017 Honda Fit Shuttle. This is hybrid version of the car which dates from 2011. From the very beginning, it was hot property. Other models come and go, but Shuttle is always present. For upcoming model, we won’t see many changes. Japanese carmaker will rather improve details. However, these are making this vehicle fresh and partly new. Bigger changes on the hybrid will come when Fit steps into new generation. Fans believe this could happen already in 2020. Nevertheless, bosses in Honda have the last word. But, enthusiasm doesn’t lack, so we also hope to see it soon.

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle powertrain

Main powertrain option of the 2017 Honda Fit Shuttle is a 1.5-l engine. This four-cylinder DOHC unit uses petrol as its fuel. But, if we combine it with electric batteries, powerful hybrid is outcome. Mix is good for 130 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque. Power router is CVT gearbox.  Same transmission mates 1.5-l Atkinson 4-banger as other base for hybrid. This combo is slightly more powerful. Also, its mileage is around 80 mpg. Optional system is all-wheel drive. This mode will deliver less miles per gallon, but there are better handling and stability.

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle cabin

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle redesign

The 2017 Honda Fit Shuttle will have the same design as its base sibling. That means new LED lamps are installed both in head and taillights. Bolder bumper and modern grille are making Fit Shuttle more aggressive. Sides and hood are sharp. More aluminum is in body parts, and car is lighter than before. Most significant novelties are wheels and paintjobs. In the cabin, infotainment system is dominating. It offers the latest connectivity options. Android or Apple smart-phone, this car is compatible. Cargo room is bigger than before. Ground clearance is larger, which means better performance on bumpy roads.

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle rear

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle release details

New 2017 Honda Fit Shuttle can come every day. We are waiting for official statement about premiere at first next car show. Until then, we are searching for a clue about its price and other details. We believe its price could start from around $18,000. In wildest dreams for fans, new Fit Shuttle could carry $19,000 price tag for standard model.

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