2017 Honda CRF250X

If you like off-road adventures in wildness, deserts, forests, then Honda has perfect bike for you. New 2017 Honda CRF250X is incredible vehicle with 249 cc engine, which is there to sweep rivals. Although their factory is Japan, this motorcycle is available, and popular worldwide. Excellent fuel economy, reliability, durability are just parts of overall impressive feedback CRF250X receives during years. Furthermore, bike offers special modes of ride, which makes it even more amusing. To complete this exceptional offer, there is fair price for quality any buyer is getting. Japanese manufacturer guarantees long lasting work, and we know they are right, because their reputation is built on this.

2017 Honda CRF250X

2017 Honda CRF250X improvements

First of all, 2017 Honda CRF250X is lighter than before. According to early information, riders are happy with it. That brings boost for handling and performance, as well as for fuel economy. Overall, this means easier ride. Japanese manufacturer comes again from MX racer platform. This is concept made especially for off-road riding and races. It boosts impression, at first place in tough weather and terrain conditions. Electric starter button makes first ignition easier. There are also many other features making CRF250X better, stronger and more reliable.

2017 Honda CRF250X badge

2017 Honda CRF250X specs

A 249 cc mill could be small for some riders. However, once you jump in the saddle 2017 Honda CRF250X you realize this is just bad premise. New bike offers almost perfect ride. First, start of the motorbike is very easy thanks to electric starter. Safety and handling are getting boost from rear brakes. It is 240 mm rotor with master cylinder. Oil system is simple and separates lubricant from pistons and valves. Finally, heart of the bike is a Unicam 249 cc engine with many details making its performance better. In short, there is overhead camshaft, and still drivetrain remains compactable.

2017 Honda CRF250X

2017 Honda CRF250X price

The 2017 Honda CRF250X is off-road bike made for extreme conditions. There are other CRF250 models, but X is top motorcycle. That’s why its value is higher. Standard offer is $7,400. There are no special performance-boost additions for this model.

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