2017 Honda CBR650F

Only a year after major redesign of its bike, Japanese bike-maker is launching 2017 Honda CBR650F. Fans accepted well last model. So, this year edition is there to improve it. Nevertheless, it shows Honda’s dedication and ethic. People in company are listening to their buyers, and new CBR650F will fix most of complains on 2016 year model. However, since producer is making reliable and durable machines, these are just minor touches, so nothing significant comes for 2017 year edition. Worth of mention are just some tunings, so bike can offer better safety and balance at first place. Of course, there are works on engine, and this unit could be even more economical.

2017 Honda CBR650F

2017 Honda CBR650F specs

Number in the name of the bike shows volume of its mill. So, 2017 Honda CBR650F is a part of segment with engines under 650 cc. Actually, power is coming from 649 cc drivetrain with exceptional output on torque end. Last year edition got replacement of external plumbing and internal water channels. Since these moves result with smoother ride, it won’t be a surprise if further modifications make it even better. Also, cornering was somehow difficult, but engineers managed to solve this once for good. The CBR650F is a bike for experienced riders. Whoever passed rookie training can jump on this mid-size sport bike and feel more excitement.

2017 Honda CBR650F side

2017 Honda CBR650F features

For many years this engine has almost the same visual appearance. Minor changes will spot only true fans and geeks. That’s why we won’t spend much time on this part. What is more important is safety boost. The 2017 Honda CBR650F provides this with new braking system. However, it came with 2016 year model. But now, with new suspension, rider can feel greater control of the motorcycle. Dashboard is the same as before, with LCD display, clear gauges and meters. Refresh is ready for some other areas. What doesn’t change is the price of Honda CBR650F. It stays put for another year at $8,500.

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