2017 Honda Amaze

New generation of sedans in Honda family will start with new Amaze. Current vehicle got good critics, and Japanese carmaker decided to upgrade it with new model. It will be 2017 Honda Amaze and we expect it to be even more amazing sedan. Essential parts of the car are going to be kept and upgraded, so we can see again Amaze with excellent output numbers, design and mileage. On the other hand, price could be boosted and hefty for this kind of car.

2017 Honda Amaze front view

2017 Honda Amaze styling

Interior of the 2017 Honda Amaze is not going to suffer a lot of changes comparing to current model, although new generation of vehicle was announced. Nevertheless, company designers prepared minor changes and upgrades on the dashboard and upholstery, which improve overall comfort and impression about 2017 Amaze. Leather and other high-quality materials are going to be used for upholstery. Seats and steering wheel are covered with leather, as well as armrests and door panels. Many controls are positioned on the steering wheel, and there is new display on the info panel. Voice commands are part of the infotainment system, and experts are telling that new Amaze is going to share platform and some features with upcoming Honda Brio.

2017 Honda Amaze side view

2017 Honda Amaze engine

Powertrain of the 2017 Honda Amaze is still unknown, but could be predicted comparing to other models and competition. New sedan is using small 1.2-l I-VTEC petrol engine, which is not so powerful, but very economical. It is ready to crunch 90 horses and 110 lb-ft of torque, which is not satisfying for some buyers. Because of that, engineers prepared slightly bigger 1.5-l I-DTEC powertrain. It can deliver 15 hp more. On the torque, there is significant boost, so this engine is ready to give 170 lb-ft. Other unit is also there to provide better fuel economy of 58 mpg on the highway, and smaller, 1.2-l unit can make 42 mpg average.

2017 Honda Amaze rear view

2017 Honda Amaze price

Price of the 2017 Honda Amaze depends on chosen drivetrain and additional packages. Base unit, which is expected early in 2017, could be valued around $24,000. New Amaze with 1.5-l engine should cost at least $1,500 more.

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