2016 Honda TRX400X

Well, it is hard to find right words for 2016 Honda TRX400X. Simply, it is an excellent all-terrain vehicle, which comes with all of the excellent characteristics that vehicle of this type should have. It features the finest quality, including rough design, with plenty of Baja details such as suspension and chassis, excellent engine and performances. Besides that, this great vehicle offers extremely high dose of excitement for anyone who ever mount on it. If you add to this things like good fuel economy, low costs of maintenance and, finally, very attractive price, it is clear that it is word about some excellent ATV.

2016 Honda TRX400X design

The 2016 Honda TRX400X is an excellent choice for you, if you are looking for a great ATV. Simply, it is one of the best vehicles of this type, which will give you both excellent quality and plenty of excitement. This model features a Baja-competition suspension and chassis. At the front, you will find an independent double-wishbone with Showa shocks, with total travel of 8.2 inches. On the other side, there is a ProLink single Showa shock, fully adjustable, with total travel of 9.1 inches.

2016 Honda TRX400X features

The 2016 Honda TRX400X features a snorker-type airbox, which is an excellent feature for not-so-ideal weather conditions and which will keep your engine clear from contamination of water and dirt. Also, there is a skidplate, which will protect your parts like engine, brakes and drive sprockets from rocks and similar things. It is worth to mention that 2016 TRX400X has a curb weight of only 408 pounds. This includes a full tank of fuel, which has capacity of 2.6 gallons.

2016 Honda TRX400X front view

2016 Honda TRX400X engine

The 2016 Honda TRX400X comes with hi-performance 397cc RFCV air-cooled, dry sump, single-cylinder four-stroke engine. This unit features plenty of power and excellent performances. There is plenty of power and torque in all RPM ranges. Also, this engine is very efficient, so expect good economy too. This engine comes paired with heavy duty 5-speed manual transmission with reverse, which is specially designed for these types of vehicles.

2016 Honda TRX400X side view

 2016 Honda TRX400X price

This excellent ATV also features an excellent price. Finally 2016 Honda TRX400X has a starting price of around 6.400 dollars and it is available in Red color.

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