2016 Honda Shadow Phantom

In Honda’s lineup, there is a wide offer of cruiser motorcycles. There are plenty of models, for everyone’s taste. One of these models that is designed for specific type of riders is called 2016 Honda Shadow Phantom, which is definitely one of the motorcycles that stands out. It is one of the models from Shadow series. Mechanical part of the bike is pretty much the same as on the other models. On the other side, visual aspect of the bike is pretty unique. It is designed for those with attitude, for those who know what they want. The 2016 Honda Shadow Phantom is available at the same price as previous-year model and it comes without bigger changes.

2016 Honda Shadow Phantom design and features

2016 Honda Shadow Phantom front view

Although 2016 Honda Shadow Phantom is part of Shadow series, it comes with plenty of unique characteristics. If we look this motorcycle, we will see that its look is way different, compared to Shadow Aero, for example. This bike comes in modern manner, and you will hardly find some part which comes in retro styling. First thing that you will notice is color. Unlike most of the cruiser that comes with classic, shiny colors, 2016 Shadow Phantom features plenty of black details that replace those chromed ones. This bike is available in two color options, Black and Light Silver Metallic. Also, you will easily notice that there is a short front fender that gives that minimalist flavor. One thing that definitely comes in classic cruiser manner is gunfighter saddle, which is in one piece and which is both extremely comfortable and great-looking. Seating position is very low, just 25.7 inches.

2016 Honda Shadow Phantom side view

2016 Honda Shadow Phantom engine

Well, this is definitely the main part of 2016 Honda Shadow Phantom. It is a 745 liquid-cooled V-twin engine, which comes designed completely in classic manner. Simply, there is no other engine for cruiser but V-twin. Although it is designed in classic manner, it also comes with some modern features such as programed fuel injection, which provides more power and better fuel consumption. Finally new Honda Shadow Phantom comes with excellent, wide-range 5-speed transmission. This motorcycle is characterized by excellent fuel economy. According to EPA ratings, this cruiser is good for about 56 mpg.

2016 Honda Shadow Phantom rear view

2016 Honda Shadow Phantom price

Finally 2016 Honda Shadow has starting price of around 7.500 dollars. It is available in Black and Light Silver Metallic colors.

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