2016 Honda Shadow Aero

The 2016 Honda Shadow Aero is a motorcycle which bring the flavor of great cruisers from the past. Definitely one of the most popular cruisers of the company. It is designed to meet demands of all those who want a retro motorcycle with classic style, but which will be also easy for use. This bike combines perfectly classic styling with modern technologies. It is comfortable, with plenty of power and torque, but also with high mpg ratings, and also with extremely low costs of maintenance. Also, affordable price is one of the 2016 Honda Shadow main trumps.

2016 Honda Shadow Aero design

2016 Honda Shadow Aero side view

As we already mentioned, 2016 Honda Shadow Aero is designed to balance perfectly between classic and modern. Most of the retro characteristics are visual. This bike comes with classic look, which definitely has a flavor of some past times. Of course, there are some modern-looking features, but overall feel is that classic elements simply dominate. For example, there is a huge front fender, a spoked wheels and chromed mufflers.

2016 Honda Shadow Aero news

These are the parts that you will definitely notice first on 2016 Honda Shadow Aero. Also, there are plenty of other chrome-covered parts, such us engine, shocks, brake and clutch-lever brackets, handlebar and many other. This motorcycle is also very comfortable for ride. Thanks to the low seating position and comfortable saddle, this bike offers a very high level of comfort, both for the rider and passengers. Seating position is at about 26 inches. The 2016 Shadow Aero comes in Candy Red color.

2016 Honda Shadow Aero fender, front wheel

2016 Honda Shadow Aero engine

The engine of 2016 Honda Shadow Aero is a perfect example of combining classic and modern technologies. This engine has a displacement of 749 cc. It is designed in traditional 52 degree V-twin configuration. On the other side, it comes with modern features like programed fuel injection, which will help thins engine to optimize its performances, both in terms of power and fuel economy. When it is about transmission, new Honda Shadow Aero comes with wide-ratio five speed gearbox. Beside plenty of power and torque in wide RPM range, this motorcycle also has great fuel economy. Average fuel consumption is somewhere around 55 mpg, according to EPA ratings.

2016 Honda Shadow Aero

2016 Honda Shadow Aero price

Price is one of great things about 2016 Honda Shadow Aero. It starts around 7.500 dollars. This bike comes in Candy Red color and with one year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

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