2016 Honda Pioneer 500

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 500 will be an entry-level model from company’s lineup of UTV vehicles. As you probably know, this Japanese manufacturer is known of making all types of vehicles. There are not only cars and motorcycles, but also some other types such as UTVs and ATVs. This one is the smallest model in Honda UTV offer. It is an excellent Side by Side vehicle, which will give you great level of performances, comfort, versatility etc.

2016 Honda Pioneer design and features

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 front view

As we already mentioned, 2016 Honda Pioneer 500 is an entry-level model. However, this doesn’t mean at all that it won’t be good enough for some. It comes adapted with the 500cc-class engine and it will definitely be good enough to do any kind of task. It comes with dimensions – 102.5 length, 50 width and height of 72.4 inches. Ground clearance is about 10 inches. The 2016 Pioneer 500 is coming in standard side-by-side configuration. There are place for two passenger. Although this model has pretty small dimensions, it features pretty high carrying capacity. This UTV is equipped with unique steel carrier, which has max capacity of 450 pounds. This model will also give you a decent level of comfort. It comes with two comfortable seats and it is equipped with this like independent rear suspension, which provides smooth ride and great traction over rough terrains.

2016 Honda Pioneer safety

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 500 will be also equipped with some safety features. There are things like Occupant Protection Structure, hard doors, roll-up nets etc. There are also accessories like front bumper, windscreen, fabric doors with structure made of aluminum and many other.

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 side view

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 engine and performances

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 500 is powered by liquid-cooled 475 cc engine, which comes with electronic fuel injection, which is specially tuned for lower rpm torque. The transmission is automatic and it comes with paddle shifters, which provides smoother drive. Also, this UTV is equipped with big tires, open front differential, which will together with choice between two and four-wheel drive, makes this vehicle capable for any terrain. Also, max towing capacity if around 1000 pounds. Finally fuel capacity is 3.96 gallons, including 1.1 gallon of reserve.

2016 Honda Pioneer 500

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 price

Finally 2016 Honda Pioneer 500 is already available with the starting price of 8.500 dollars. It is available in red, blue and Honda Phantom colors. If you are interested in some bigger variants, there are Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 1000, which will be reviewed soon.

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