2016 Honda NM4

If you want a unique bike, the 2016 Honda NM4 is for you. This motorcycle is something that you never seen before. It is a whole new idea how motorcycle should look like. it definitely stands out of a cliché. Ordinary bikes are on the one, while this one is on the other side. One of the finest company’s products so far. A machine with unique, futuristic appearance, which will make you feel that future came to you directly. However, all of this doesn’t ends with a styling. The 2016 Honda NM4 features plenty of advanced technologies that fulfil bikes amazing appearance.

2016 Honda NM4 design and features

2016 Honda NM4

Well, you must admit. This is one of the most unique designs of a motorcycle that you ever seen. Naturally, visual appearance is the most interesting thing about this motorcycle. The 2016 Honda NM4 features a unique, futuristic design. It is unlike any other motorcycle around. It starts with a stylish, massive front end, and its fluid lines melds all away into back storage compartments. These beautiful lines are fulfilled with integrated lighting on both ends. They are beautifully shaped and completely fit to the 2016 Honda NM4 overall styling. Beside radical visual appearance, this motorcycle is also full of advanced technologies and features. It features a completely unique LED instrument panel, unlike any other from the company’s line up. It shows all information in digital, and you can also choose the background color. There are 25 colors available. There is also one thing where 2016 NM4 remains in a classic manner. Just like every cruiser, it features a low seating position. It heights only 25.6 inches, which makes this bike the lowest in whole company’s line up. It comes with comfortable seat, and there is also an adjustable backrest, which can just flick down, if you have a passenger to carry.

2016 Honda NM4 side view

2016 Honda NM4 engine

The 2016 Honda NM4 is powered by 670cc parallel-twin, liquid-cooled engine, which perfectly suits to this futuristic machine. It is quiet and smooth, but yet powerful enough. It is just perfect for around town rides, but you definitely won’t lack a power in open road, even if you have your passenger behind. This excellent engine comes paired with Honda’s excellent 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which will make your ride even more smooth and comfortable.

2016 Honda NM4 price

The 2016 Honda NM4 has a starting price of around 11.000 dollars, and comes exclusively in Matte Black Metallic finish.

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