2016 Honda Metropolitan

Well, scooters are usually about to make you easily come from point A to point B, but 2016 Honda Metropolitan is definitely an exception. This model will also give you that, but it much funnier way. This model is designed to give you a high pleasure during ride. It comes in unique retro styling, inspired by some old Honda models. However, it also features plenty of new technologies. So, ride with this scooter is not only simple and economic, but also very fun. For highly affordable price, you get a scooter with small but powerful engine, which will make your everyday ride much prettier.

2016 Honda Metropolitan design

2016 Honda Metropolitan front view

The 2016 Honda Metropolitan has that ability to make your ride much better, compared to other scooter. It comes in pretty unique package, with classic design and many modern features, when it comes to engine and other mechanical things. This scooter features beautiful retro styling, which is inspired by some models from the 60’s. In that time, Honda had several small models in offer, which were very popular and, in some way, this model pays tribute to them.

2016 Honda Metropolitan features

The 2016 Honda Metropolitan features a beautiful classic curvy lines, with plenty of retro details such as old-school lighting, instrumentation etc. This beautiful bodywork is not only eye-catchy. It is also very practical. For example, there is a big, 22-liter storage under the seat, where is enough place even for your helmet, books and many other personal things. Also 2016 Metropolitan features a convenience hook, where you can hang your bags and similar things.

2016 Honda Metropolitan side view

2016 Honda Metropolitan engine

The 2016 Honda Metropolitan features a 49cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine. This engine is small but still strong enough to provide exciting city ride. It also comes with some advanced systems, which optimize overall performances of the scooter. For example, there is a programed fuel injection, which helps more efficient consumption of the fuel. Thanks to this feature, 2016 Metropolitan has more power, but also better fuel economy. According to EPA ratings, this scooter is good for around 117 miles per gallon.

2016 Honda Metropolitan release date and price

The exact price and date of launch are expected to be announced in near future. The 2016 Honda Metropolitan will be available in three color options – Red, Pearl Blue and Pearl White.

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