2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon

Honda is considered as one of the leaders, when it is about ATVs. This company produces excellent models, and offer is very wide. There are plenty of vehicles in offer and when such company offers its flagship model, you must expect something special. In this case, we talk about 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon. This is a top offer of Honda Powersports division, when it is about all-terrain vehicles. This year, we won’t see some bigger changes as it was last year. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any novelties. We will see new colors, new graphics etc.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon specs

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon

The 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon comes as top offer from Honda, when it is about ATVs. So, it is logical that this model features all off the technologies that company achieved so far in this segment. This model came with some modifications last year so, this year we will not see some bigger changes. Base characteristics will remain the same. We will see some new color options and new graphics. Current model is available in Red, Olive, Honda Phantom Camo, Black (Deluxe) variants. This model is designed for hardest tasks. So, is comes with rugged look and construction. Also, 2016 Foreman Rubicon comes with special color protection, which will keep your model from scratches and similar things. Last year, this model came with new rear suspension, which has longer radius for more than two inches.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon options

One of the biggest trumps of 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon is that there are plenty of options. So, you can customize your own model according to your prefer. For example, you can choose between 2WD and 4WD, manual and dual-clutch transmission, total cargo space, and you can also add some optional features like ESP or electric power steering.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon engine

The 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon features an excellent 475 cc, liquid-cooled engine. It has enough power and torque, and it is also characterized by great quality and durability. This engine could be paired with either 5-speed manual or dual-clutch transmission. With great economy and fuel capacity of 3.9 gallons, you will be also available to make a long range with just one tank.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon price

Starting price of 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon is around 7.700 dollars. Depending of features, it could go few thousands higher.

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