2016 Honda Foreman 500

If you are searching for and excellent ATV, designed for any kind of hard tasks, 2016 Honda Foreman 500 series will be just perfect for you. This model stand somewhere in the middle, when it is about REC/Utility ATVs. And as you probably know, a mid-range models are usual the most popular, in any class or type of vehicles. This model will give you everything you need. It is well-balanced vehicles, which is hard and powerful enough for any task, but still not so big to be complicated and expensive, when it is about maintenance. Also, 2016 Honda Foreman 500 comes with very approachable price.

2016 Honda Foreman 500 design

2016 Honda Foreman 500 front view

As we already mentioned, 2016 Honda Foreman 500 stands in the middle in Honda’s lineup. It features all of the characteristics that one ATV needs to be a perfect for everything you need, when it is about hard work. When it is about styling, it is worth to mention that this machine also looks great. It features beautiful bodywork, which gives that tough appearance. All body materials are made of excellent quality, and this model will definitely last for a long time.

2016 Honda Foreman 500 suspension

The 2016 Honda Foreman 500 comes with excellent suspension. At the front, you will find an independent double wishbone with 7.28 inches of travel. Rear suspension features swingarm with a single shock and same total travel of 7.28 inches. Also, there is an electronic differential lock, which will provide you excellent traction in any kind of situation. It features a pair of 35W headlights and also an assist light with 45W of power. Also, 2016 Foreman 500 features steel carrier on both ends, which provide increased capacity than earlier models.

2016 Honda Foreman 500 rear view

2016 Honda Foreman 500 engine and drivetrain

The 2016 Honda Foreman 500 is powered by 475cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. This unit gives a plenty of power and excellent performances. It features plenty of advanced systems that optimize its work. For example, there are things like semi-dry-sump engine design, fuel injection and other. This engine comes paired with excellent 5-speed automatic transmission, which also features a reverse. The whole impression is that 2016 Foreman 500 offers both great performances and low fuel consumption and gas emissions.

2016 Honda Foreman 500 price and colors

Great price is also one of great things about this ATV. The 2016 Honda Foreman 500 has a starting price of around 7.000 dollars. It is available in Red, Olive, Orange and Honda Phantom Camo colors.

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