2016 Honda Fit Shuttle

Japanese car manufacturer makes final preparations for the launch of 2016 Honda Fit Shuttle. This subcompact car came in 2011. It is derived from standard Fit model, as its station wagon variant. After great success, company released new version, based on current generation of popular hatchback. New model was presented last year, and we expect that 2016 Honda Fit Shuttle will come as pretty much same deal. All of the characteristics are expected to remain unchanged. We will see same design, exterior and interior look, same powertrain and other characteristics. New Honda Fit Shuttle will come by the end of year.

2016 Honda Fit Shuttle redesign and features

2016 Honda Fit Shuttle

As we already mentioned, 2016 Honda Fit Shuttle is expected to remain pretty much unchanged. This model was presented in about a year ago. So, it is hard to believe that company prepares some bigger modifications already. Basically, most of the parts are the same as for hatchback version of the Fit. It features completely the same design language. The front fascia is identical, and it is adapted to the company’s new design language. Differences between these two body styles are at the rear end, naturally. The 2016 Fit Shuttle comes with rear end, which is pretty much borrowed from European Civic wagon. The last part of these two cars are almost identical. This includes also taillights, tailgate, bumper and many other parts.

2016 Honda Fit Shuttle interior

When it is about interior, besides great styling, this is also one well-equipped car, one of the leaders in this segment. The 2016 Shuttle comes with plenty of hi-tech features. Some of the most notable ones are large touchscreen with navigation, automatic climate control, leather upholstery etc.

2016 Honda Fit Shuttle rear view

2016 Honda Fit Shuttle engine

The 2016 Honda Fit Shuttle is designed primarily for domestic market. So, it is pretty much expected that it comes with hybrid powertrain. This system is consisted of 1.5 liter petrol engine and high output electric motor. It comes paired with 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Total output is around 140 horsepower and over 200 pound-feet of torque. According to company, this model has fuel consumption of around 85 miles per gallon. That puts this model at the one of the top places in the segment, when it is about economy.

2016 Honda Fit Shuttle side view

2016 Honda Fit Shuttle release date

The exact date of launch is still unknown. It is pretty much for sure that 2016 Honda Fit Shuttle will come by the end of year.

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