2016 Honda CTX700N

The 2016 Honda CTX700N is a model that has one of the leading places in the company’s new wave of motorcycles. As leader in the world of motorcycles, Honda always brings something new and this model is perfect example. It brings some new, unusual design solutions in the area of cruiser bikes. With this motorcycle you will get much more. Besides things like comfortable seating position, good engine, easiness of use etc. and similar things, you will also get modern design, plenty of advanced technologies and unforgettable riding experience, and all of this will come in very approachable price.

2016 Honda CTX700N specs

2016 Honda CTX700N front view

The 2016 Honda CTX700N is pretty unique cruiser. It combines proven cruiser design solutions with modern technologies and unusual design elements. To be clear, this bike features all of the usual characteristics of the cruiser, such as low seating position with extremely comfortable saddle, forward-set pegs, excellent torque-rich twin cylinder engine and other well-known things.

2016 Honda CTX700N features

On the other side, 2016 Honda CTX700N is equipped with plenty of modern technologies, unusual for this kind of motorcycles. Also, you will notice that this bike come with pretty unique visual appearance. Standard CTX models feature unique styling, and this goes even more. It features almost completely naked styling, which in not a thing that you see so often on these types of motorcycles. When it is about notable features, 2016 CTX700N has plenty of them and we will mention just some. For example, there is a diamond-shape steel frame, which is light but strong enough and provides excellent handling. Also, you will notice a counterbalancer and rubber-mounted foot pegs, with significantly reduce vibration. The 2016 Honda CTX700N comes with completely digital LCD instrument panel, which features speedometer, tachometer, clock, fuel gauge, gear position indicator and other.

2016 Honda CTX700N side view

2016 Honda CTX700N engine

The 2016 Honda CTX700N comes with 670 cc liquid cooled, parallel-twin engine, which is designed in classic manner, but also comes with many modern features. For example, there is a programed fuel injection, which significantly optimizes performances, giving both more power and better fuel economy. When it is about fuel consumption, this bike is just fantastic, and returns around 64 miles per gallon. It comes with 6-speed transmission, while dual-clutch automatic is optional.

2016 Honda CTX700N price

This great bike also has very affordable price. All of these features you will get for 7.000 dollars. If you are interested with model with DCT and ABS, you will have to pay around 600 dollars more.

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