2016 Honda CBR650F

There are plenty of sport bikes around, but 2016 Honda CBR650F is truly something special. This fantastic motorcycle came some time ago and make a big step-out, compared to other bikes of this type. This motorcycle comes with unusual characteristics, we would even say a little bit unique. It doesn’t belong to any class of bikes, when it comes to engine displacement. Standard displacements are 600, 750 and 1000 cc, when is about sport bikes. With this additional 50 cc, company decided to offer some additional dose of performances, without big jumps in price. According to response of riders, Honda made an excellent move.

2016 Honda CBR650F design and features

2016 Honda CBR650F

As we already mentioned, 2016 Honda CBR650F is a little bit different, when it comes to the standards of sports bikes. We could say, this motorcycle is a class for itself, in some way. Simply, company designed a motorcycle which will give you better performances and more excitements than standard 600cc-class bikes, but which will remain pretty much in the same price range. The 2016 Honda CBR650F features plenty of great technologies. First of all, we will say few words about visual appearance. You can easily notice that this is a sport bike, but it even features some supersport elements such as front cowl, inspired by race-wining CB600RR. Also, this motorcycle comes in beautiful colors, featuring combination of Matte Black Metallic and Candy Red colors. The 2016 CBR650F features an LCD instrument panel, which comes with speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, clock and trip meter. Just like true supersport bike, this one also features a clip-on handlebars, which will put you in great riding position, which is both sporty and comfortable enough for longer trips.

2016 Honda CBR650F front view

2016 Honda CBR650F engine

This is the main part of this motorcycle. The 2016 Honda CBR650F is equipped with 649 cc, liquid-cooled, inline-four engine, which comes in true racing manner, giving almost instant response to the throttle in higher and also great response in lower RPMs. With this 50 cc more, there are much more power compared to 600cc-class bikes, but on the other side, costs of maintenance remained almost the same. This excellent engine comes paired with six-speed transmission. The 2016 Honda CBR650F also features an ABS, as optional feature.

2016 Honda CBR650F side view

2016 Honda CBR650F price

With this bike you will get an absolutely fantastic performances for great price. The 2016 Honda CBR650F features very approachable price, compared to what it gives for that sum. Standard model goes around 8.500 dollars, while model with ABS will cost you for about 500 dollars more.

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