2016 Honda CB500X

If you are entering the world of adventure, 2016 Honda CB500X might be just perfect for you. One of the main characteristics of this motorcycle is versatility. It comes in true enduro design, perfect for any kind of road. Simply, this bike is great in all aspects. It is a great-looking machine, it features an excellent engine, full of power and with great economy. It is reliable and durable. On one side, it is very fun to ride, but on the other side, it is very comfortable. At the end, it comes with one additional great characteristics, and that is affordable price.

2016 Honda CB500X design and features

2016 Honda CB500X front view

The 2016 Honda CB500X is a true adventure bike. The first thing that you will notice on it is that “can do” attitude. Overall shape of the bike is very attractive. It features very sharp lines and true aerodynamic feel. Because of that, it could be attractive not only for adventure lovers, but also those who look for some great looking bike. Beside great look, there are plenty of features that make this bike really great. For example, 2016 Honda CB500X features large and high-positioned seat, which is designed to provide freedom of movement, which basically means that it is great for some step-up actions and similar things. Also, this motorcycle features LED headlights, which besides great look, also provide excellent visibility. Adjustable windscreen is one of the very useful features. One of the main reasons for bike’s great abilities is suspension. The 2016 CB500X is equipped with the Pro-Link rear suspension, which has 4.7 inches of travel. At the front, you will find a long fork, which provides 5.5 inches of travel. Instrument panel is completely digital. It shows all of the necessary information such as speedometer, tachometer, clock, average and real time fuel consumption, engine diagnostic indicators etc.

2016 Honda CB500X side view

2016 Honda CB500X engine

The 2016 Honda CB500X comes with an excellent engine. It is a 471 cc liquid-cooled, parallel twin engine, which will give you everything you need. If has plenty of power and torque, in a wide RPM range. It also comes with programed fuel injection, which additionally optimizes engine’s abilities, both in terms of power and fuel economy. New Honda CB500X features a smooth-shifting 6-speed automatic transmission.

2016 Honda CB500X price

Despite excellent characteristics, 2016 Honda CB500X comes with pretty affordable price. Starting price of this excellent model is around 6.500 dollars.

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