2016 Honda CB300F

The 2016 Honda CB300F is definitely a bike that will surprise you. Although it is small, this motorcycle is great. Simply, this motorcycle perfectly balances between power and economy, size and riding experience. If you are beginner, this is right choice for you. If you have some experience, this bike will be great for you too. It is perfect for urban ride because it is quick, maneuverable, easy to handle, easy to use etc. Also, great fuel economy and low costs of maintenance are important characteristics of this bike. Finally, 2016 Honda CB300F comes with very approachable price.

2016 Honda CB300F design and features

2016 Honda CB300F front view

The 2016 Honda CB300F is a motorcycle that is well-balanced, when it comes to power and economy. However, first thing that you will notice about this bike is that it comes in so-called naked appearance. All of the unnecessary bodywork is removed and that is the thing that gives that street racing flavor to this bike. However, that doesn’t mean that there is lack of great features. The 2016 CB300F comes well-equipped in all aspects and we will mention some of the most notable features. For example, it features excellent seating position, which is narrow and very low (around 30 inches), which will give you enough comfort both for short and long rides. Also, there is a passenger seat, so you can take one more person to enjoy excellent ride. Under this passenger seat, there is a storage, where you can put some small things such as gloves, sunglasses etc. The 2016 CB300F features a ProLink suspension, same as on some larger models, which will provide smooth, responsive and comfortable ride.

2016 Honda CB300F side view

2016 Honda CB300F engine

The 2016 Honda CB300F comes with 286cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine, which is definitely a perfect solution for this motorcycle. This engine is light, simple and it offers excellent performances. It comes with things like counterbalance shaft and fuel injection, which give even more smoothness to new Honda CB300F’s ride. This engine comes with six-speed transmission and it features much power, both in low and high RPMs. When it comes to fuel economy, this motorcycle is just excellent. Average fuel consumption is magnificent 78 miles per gallon.

2016 Honda CB300F price

Price is one of great thing about this model. The 2016 Honda CB300F costs around 4.000 dollars and it comes in Black color as only color variant.

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