Honda FCV concept

Honda FCV concept was presented some time ago. It is a concept which is an overture for the whole new generation of company’s new hybrid and electric vehicles. These vehicle is still in a stage of development. However, there are some reports that say new model could enter serial production already in about two years. Honda FCV concept comes with the company’s latest technology achievements. So, there are new platform, new styling and many other design solutions, never seen before.

Honda FCV concept design

Honda FCV concept front view

As we already mentioned, Honda FCV concept is completely new, compared to company’s current vehicles of this kind. It comes with new platform, and also with completely new styling. When it is about exterior design, this model features very attractive look, unlike usual hybrids. The FCV concept features very aerodynamic look, with sharp edges. When it is about front fascia, it is clear that this is Honda. Front end is heavily based on company’s current design language. The grille and headlights have similar shape to those we can find on new Civic, for example. However, there are plenty of unique details that give Honda FCV concept that futuristic, advanced-technology appearance.

Honda FCV concept interior

Interior is extremely futuristic. It has space ship-like design with things like completely digital dashboard, futuristic steering wheel etc. When production models come, this part of the car will probably be mostly changed. However, spacious cabin will remain. There will be place for five passengers and production models will surely be well-equipped with hi-tech features of all kind.

Honda FCV concept interiorHonda FCV concept drivetrain

This is definitely a main part of Honda FCV concept. This car is designed to be a hybrid car. It comes with completely new platform. Beside hybrid, it will also be available in plug-in hybrid variant too. These two types of vehicles are prime goal for the company. It will come with new generation of electric motors and batteries, and also with the advanced VTEC engines with the lowest CO2 emissions possible. Excellent results are expected both in terms of power and fuel savings. This new platform is versatile. So, we won’t be surprised to see some future production versions of FCV concept in all-electric variants, because this is definitely the future of auto industry.

Honda FCV concept rear viewHonda FCV concept serial production models

Athough Honda FCV concept was presented, there is still a lot of work to be done. According to some predictions, first production models might come already in about two years.

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