Honda Concept D

Honda Concept d will be something completely new from Japanese manufacture. This company is doing great job in last few years. There are many new models and even more to be introduced. Some of them are planned for the fastest-growing car market in the world – China. This country is extremely attractive to all major companies. However, problem is that ordinary Chinese driver is a little bit different in its demand, compared to European and North American drivers. Because of that, there are many new models that are designed especially for the Chinese market. One of those is Honda Concept D.

Honda Concept D design

Honda Concept D

Its name says it all. This car is still in a form of concept. However, serial production doesn’t look far away at all. The Honda Concept D was presented recently, and so far there aren’t many details about it, except from we see from the pictures. It will be a crossover, which will be bigger than CR-V but on the other side, it will be significantly smaller than Pilot, for example. New model comes with completely new look, which is quite different compared to company’s design language. The Honda Concept D looks extremely attractive and futuristic. It looks like some machine that came from the future. However, production model will surely come with much more conventional appearance, much closer to the company’s current design language.

Honda Concept D interior

When it is about interior, we still don’t have any kind of information about it. According to the company, this model will be very spacious and comfortable, which sound very likely, because Concept D will be larger than CR-V, which is currently the biggest crossover from Honda offered in China. It is expected that this will be a top end model, which will feature very luxury cabin, equipped with plenty of hi-tech features.

Honda Concept D front fasciaHonda Concept D engine

Exact details about engine for this crossover are still unknown. It seems very possible that even company didn’t decide yet which engine will be installed in production model. There are several units that are in game for Honda Concept D. There are several four-cylinder engines that are already used for some mid-size cars of the company, like 1.8 liter, 2.0 liter and 2.4 liter engines. One thing is pretty much for sure. Company will probably focus more on the fuel economy, so don’t expect some great performances.

Honda Concept D rear viewHonda Concept D release date and price

It is still unknown when Honda Concept D will enter serial production. We won’t be surprised if we see it already next year. When it is about price, there are some predictions that base model could go around 20-22.000 dollars.

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