2021 Honda Element Comeback: What to Expect?

Rumors about the comeback of this small crossover have been circulating around for a quite long time. However, everything sounds far more likely these days, as the demand for small and efficient crossovers is getting bigger. The original model still holds its value pretty well and it is a pretty popular choice among buyers of used cars. Simply, many drivers appreciate its boxy shape, which makes it super practical but keeps urban-friendly as well. This is a pretty compact vehicle, quite maneuverable. That’s why many believe it would be great to see it again. Some sources suggest it may arrive already in the next year, as the 2021 Honda Element. Still, keep in mind that the company is still quiet on this matter.

If it arrives, we are pretty sure that the new model would stick to its original design philosophy. This means we would see the recognizable boxy shape once again. Of course, the new model would come with a modern design, as well as with loads of new technologies. We presume new powertrain options would be pretty efficient. Some sources suggest a hybrid powertrain as well.

Honda Element

2021 Honda Element Redesign

When it comes to base design characteristics, we expect that the new model won’t go too far away from its roots. This particularly refers to the shape and overall design. Therefore, we count on the same boxy design, which brings plenty of benefits in terms of practicality. Despite the same boxy design, we expect that the 2021 Honda Element will be fitted to the company’s new design language. Still, keep in mind that such a boxy shape would require some exclusive design solutions as well. So, we count on them as well.

Some changes in terms of size are also possible. The original model features a little bit less than 102 inches in wheelbase, while the new 2021 Honda Element would probably add a couple more. Still, we don’t expect too much, as Honda would probably tend to keep the new model maneuverable and urban-friendly. For example, the current-generation HR-V is good for about 102.6 inches between the wheels. So, this may be a perfect basis for the new Element. On the other side, we expect that the new model will be wider, in order to ensure three comfortable seats in the second row, which isn’t the case with the original model.

2021 Honda Element


The interior practicality has always been the strongest point of this crossover so we presume that the new model won’t be any different. Such a boxy shape would provide impressive hauling functionality and convenience, both in terms of passengers and cargo. One of the things we expect to see is the addition of the third seat in the second row. Also, we expect plenty of legroom in both rows. Furthermore, we expect to see much better seats in the new model, as the original version wasn’t particularly great in this aspect.

When it comes to the cargo area, the original model is good for about 75 cubic feet, which is pretty impressive for the class. The new model would add a little bit more but besides generous volume, the cargo area will also be pretty practical. Of course, there is a boxy shape, super-friendly for bulky objects, while we also expect from the second row to fold flat.

Finally, we expect that the new 2021 Honda Element will significantly improve the overall interior quality. we count on completely new dashboard design, more attractive and with much finer materials. Furthermore, the new model would come with loads of advanced tech features, including a new infotainment system lots of safety features and many more.

2021 Honda Element cargo

2021 Honda Element Engines

Besides the impressive level of practicality, we expect efficient powertrain options from the new 2021 Honda Element. Of course, the original 2.4-liter unit will be replaced and one of the first engines that come to our minds is a 1.5-liter turbo-four. This engine powers several Honda models and it is available in several output variants. We expect around 180 horsepower for this occasion. Also, we presume it would come in pair with a CVT gearbox.

A hybrid version is also possible. We presume the company would use the same setup that recently debuted in the CR-V. That would be a familiar system based on a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, with a max output of 212 horsepower. Of course, this unit also comes in pair with a CVT gearbox.

2021 Honda Element Release Date and Price

It’s still early to talk about more precise details at the moment, considering that this comeback is just a rumor at the moment. We are still waiting to hear something from the officials, while unofficial reports suggest we could see 2021 Honda Element already in the next year. Base models would probably go somewhere between 20.000 and 25.000 dollars.

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