2020 Honda S2000 Release date and Price

Pretty soon, it will be a full decade since the last model of this amazing sports car came out from a production line. Latest reports suggest that this hiatus will finally end next year and that we are about to see a completely new version of this roadster, as 2020 Honda S2000.

The original version of this car came almost two decades ago. The initial launch was in 1999 and the model was in production for full 10 years. During these years, we have seen two generations of it. However, production suddenly ended. Still, rumors about the revival never faded, even after almost a decade. Moreover, it the latest ones seem pretty realistic. It looks like we are finally about to see a revival of this model. Latest reports suggest that the new, third-generation could come maybe already next year, as 2020 Honda S2000.

2020 Honda S2000 front view

2020 Honda S2000 redesign

Considering the gap between the last and the upcoming model, it is hard to call this a redesign. The new 2020 Honda S2000 will practically come as a completely new model. So far, we have been relying on rumors. It looks like the new version will keep the flavor of the original. Base design characteristics should remain the same. The new model will be a small sporty roadster, characterized by amazing driving dynamics and overall performances. In terms of the platform, we expect to see something completely new from Honda.

Most likely, the 2020 Honda S2000 will take a lot of inspiration from the NSX. We should see a lot of design solutions borrowed, especially when it comes to aerodynamics and use of lightweight materials. The new roadster should be very light, which will make it highly competitive in the segment dominated by Mazda Miata.

2020 Honda S2000 side view

2020 Honda S2000 styling

Just like most of the characteristics, styling is also a mystery at the moment. We can only speculate about the 2020 Honda S2000 look. If we rely on our intuition, we would say that the new roadster will take a lot of inspiration from the Acura NSX. The new supercar utilized a lot of new styling elements, never seen before from this manufacturer. We could expect to see some of them on the 2020 Honda S2000. Compared to the flagship supercar, this one will feature a different body style. It will be a roadster, though some reports suggest a coupe version in the offer as well. In any case, we can expect a pretty compact dimension, maybe even to meet the demands of the so-called Kei Car segment in Japan. Some reports also suggest a Targa roof, which definitely sounds like an interesting possibility.

2020 Honda S2000 interior

On the inside, the 2020 Honda S2000 should follow the standard usually for this segment. This will be a quite small roadster, so you can expect place only for two. What we expect to see from Honda is plenty of mimics of the NSX. This especially refers to the dashboard, which is characterized by accentuated driver-oriented approach, so common thing among old-school sports cars. Besides an attractive dashboard, the new 2020 Honda S2000 should feature hi-quality materials and plenty of advanced technologies, especially in terms of safety features. In this aspect, we expect from Honda to offer a whole palette of its advanced safety and driver-assistance features, which will definitely make this model stand out from the crowd.

2020 Honda S2000 interior

2020 Honda S2000 engine

This is another aspect where have been a lot of talk in the past few years. Though most car experts are pretty sure in a classic turbo inline-four layout, others think of something more advanced. According to the latest reports, the 2020 Honda S2000 will come with a new 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which powers hi-performance version of the legendary Civic, called Type R. This unit delivers around 305 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, which seems more than enough for such small cars. So, we can’t expect anything but spectacular performances. It is also possible to see the same model in the offer for the Japanese market. In this case, it would feature a small, 660cc engine, designed especially to meet demands of the Kei car segment.

Finally, some reports suggest a hybrid powertrain. According to them, the new 2020 Honda S2000 will come with a configuration that resembles the NSX. This means a gasoline engine as a basis, which will come with multiple electric motors. Such a scenario seems quite possible, though we would have to wait for some time to get some official information.

2020 Honda S2000 rear view

2020 Honda S2000 release date and price

It is still early to talk about some more precise launch date of 2020 Honda S2000. So far, we can only presume that the new model will come in about a year or two. When it comes to the price, we can find all kinds of estimates on the network, starting with affordable 30k tags, to something super expensive that goes two times more. In any case, we expect 2020 Honda S2000 to compete with other sports cars in the segment, which includes models like Mazda MX-5 Miata, Fiat 124 Spider, Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ, Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang etc.

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