2020 Honda Rebel 300 Review, Top Speed, Specs, MPG

The 2020 Honda Rebel 300 is a perfect one for anyone who is new in the world of motorcycles. This entry-level bike offers everything a decent cruiser needs – low-riding position, attractive styling, and great comfort. Moreover, this bike comes with a small single-cylinder engine, which seems like a perfect alternative for those who still don’t feel experienced for larger twin-cylinder growling monsters. It’s a bit of a compromise, but there are also many things you get in return.

The 2020 Honda Rebel 300 is affordable,  easy to drive and also comes with a bunch of modern features, including advanced suspension components, slipper clutch, anti-lock brakes and more. This year has brought a couple of interesting novelties, both mechanical and visual, so the new model is even better than before.

2020 Honda Rebel 300

2020 Honda Rebel 300 Changes

The list of novelties for the 2020 Honda Rebel 300 includes a lot of interesting novelties, both visual and mechanical. Of course, visual novelties are great, but mechanical upgrades seem more important. One of the first things we should mention is that the new model gets the company’s famous assist-and-slippery clutch, which ensures a much more convenient ride. Also, the suspension gets big updates, as fork gets new internal buffing, while the fork spring rate has been increased. Also, there is a completely new nitrogen-gas dumper for superior comfort.

Speaking of comfort, the seat has been redesigned and feature better comfort and more support. Also, there is a new instrument cluster, which keeps the same housing shape but features a completely new, digital gauges and shows all necessary information.

2020 Honda Rebel meter gear
2020 Honda Rebel meter gear


When it comes to styling changes, the 2020 Honda Rebel 300 comes with completely new lighting. There is a new LED headlight, which gets new shape and moves closer to the steering head. The taillight is also new. Of course, we are talking about LED technology, but the taillight also gets a new, rectangular shape. The rest of the styling remains pretty much the same, while the bike is available in thee color options – Matte Blue Jean Metallic, Matte Fresco Brown and Graphite Black. Of course, the hardware is completely blacked.

Engine and Performance

When it comes to the chassis design, the 2020 Honda Rebel 300 is practically the same as its bigger sibling, Rebel 500. The two models feature the same overall layout, so you may count on the same dimensions and the same overall level of rideability. The Rebel 300 is extremely light and impressively nimble.

On the other side, the thing that sets it apart from its bigger sibling is the engine. This is a perfect choice for non-experienced riders. A 286cc single-cylinder engine, which is one of the company’s famous units. You may count on fuel injection, double-overhead cams and a counterbalancer, which makes it pretty advanced and smooth-working. Also, the obvious advantage of a single-cylinder is its weight, so the whole bike weighs less than 360 pounds. All this results in an impressive fuel economy, while the maintenance is also extremely cheap. On the other side, the amount of torque at low-end and mid revs seems more than decent.

2020 Honda Rebel 300 rear

2020 Honda Rebel 300 Pricing

Another great thing about this engine is the fact that the price is more than affordable. The base model starts at around 4.500 dollars, while models with anti-lock brakes go around 4.800 dollars.

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