2020 Honda Prelude Hybrid Crossover Release date

The new 2020 Honda Prelude could go the same way as one of its old archrivals, Mitsubishi Eclipse. The nameplate is going to return as the crossover utility vehicle. But, this is not so certain, since Honda has an almost full segment here. The entry-level is HR-V, compact class belongs to CR-V, and a mid-size Pilot is the biggest one. However, there is an empty spot in a full-size tier. We doubt that the new 2020 Prelude can grow so much. Instead, we believe it could be something between CR-V and HR-V.

The 2020 Prelude is not the only crossover that could come again. Honda Passport is another old-school vehicle whose return is possible. Also, the US buyers could see soon the Element. All in all, the Japanese company plans to extend its offer with sub-class models. Add the 2020 Honda Prelude to the long list of vehicles that could be part of one of the most successful families in the automotive industry.

2020 Honda Prelude concept

2020 Honda Prelude Engine

The last time we saw Prelude, the sport coupe offered plenty of variations under the hood. Well, none was available worldwide. But, buyers across the globe had options to choose from. The power output was between 130 and 200 hp. The same amount of energy is perfect for the upcoming 2020 Honda Prelude, especially if it appears as the crossover. Such performance will suit perfectly for a new class between compact and subcompact tier.

If we go through Honda’s inventory, we can find a few engines that fit this range. It is clearly a petrol unit. Honda rarely launches diesel mills in the US. However, buyers in Europe and Australia could see this version as well. Also, we can’t exclude the creativity of engineers and the possibility of a new unit in the lineup.

2020 Honda Prelude hybrid


What’s more, the 2020 Honda Prelude Hybrid is an interesting rumor. The Japanese carmaker is yet to launch such drivetrain for any of its crossovers and SUVs. There are gossips about the new Pilot Hybrid and HR-V Hybrid. But, it seems like the CR-V is going to be the first to get electric support for its petrol drivetrain. The concept is ready. The company confirmed the CR-V Hybrid for Europe, but not yet for the US. It is not unusual for carmakers to launch the same vehicles in two markets with different names and minimal alterations. Such an example could be the Prelude crossover.

The hybrid CR-V is going to use is Atkinson four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine in pair with two electric motors. The same drivetrain we will find in the new Accord. It is a proven and reliable system that will definitely boost the chances of the 2020 Honda Prelude in the toughest market in the world.

2020 Honda Prelude

2020 Honda Prelude Design, Interior

The 2020 Honda Prelude is going to borrow a lot of visual solutions from the CR-V. Very similar shell, with minor updates, is certain if Prelude is going to be a hybrid version for the US market. What’s more, if the crossover appears only as a petrol model between two compact classes, then fans can expect a more unique appearance. However, Honda is not going to make a big investment in innovations that will make Prelude a flagship model. Instead, the crossover is coming quietly.

2020 Honda Prelude Release Date and Price

The release date for the 2020 Honda Prelude is not set yet, as well as its price. However, we can find some prediction thanks to the size of the crossover. Being between two existing models by size means the Prelude will fit in the middle with the cost. However, if the hybrid engine happens, that could change things. But, we will wait for the pricing list of the European hybrid crossover CR-V and the same cost sticker could be hanging from the US version.

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