2020 Honda Pioneer 500: Small But Capable

Fun and convenient ride, along with great utility and off-road capabilities, and all that packed in a small and economical package. Those would be the best words to describe the 2020 Honda Pioneer 500. The famous line of side by side vehicles has always been an absolute class leader and this particular model is an entry-level unit, which delivers all famous Pioneer features in a more economical way. The engine might be smaller, but the amount of advanced technologies and design solutions is more than impressive. Of course, you may also count on Honda’s recognizable quality, dependability, durability ect.

2020 Honda Pioneer 500 Phantom Camo

2020 Honda Pioneer 500 Powertrain

Of course, we will start with the feature that separates the 2020 Honda Pioneer 500 from other models in the lineup. This particular version comes with a small 475cc engine, which is Honda’s typical single-cylinder four-stroke unit in all aspects. Of course, it is liquid-cooled and comes with programmed fuel injection. The engine is extremely smooth and despite the small displacement, it delivers plenty of power and feels more than decent in low-rev range.

Besides the great engine, there is also an excellent 5-speed automatic transmission, which works perfectly. This transmission offers both manual and automatic modes. Paddle shifters are part of the standard equipment. Also, you can easily select between 2WD and 4WD modes. Also, it’s important to mention that, just like every other Pioneer, this model also features longitudinal engine mounting, which ensures much better power transfer.

2020 Honda Pioneer 500

2020 Honda Pioneer 500 Chassis and Exterior Design

In terms of the styling, you may count on a typical Pioneer design. There is a familiar look, characterized by those recognizable sharp 35-Watt headlights, which make this UTV one of the best-looking models in the class. The overall design is also quite practical. The first thing that comes to mind is a compact size. This UTV measures 73 inches in wheelbase, which makes it highly maneuverable. Also, the overall length goes around 102.6 inches, while width goes around 50 inches. With such compact size, the 2020 Honda Pioneer 500 can even fit a full-size pickup truck bed, which makes it extremely practical.

Another strong point of this UTV is suspension design. First of all, you may count on the independent rear suspension, which ensures a pretty smooth ride. Also, the rear suspension comes with dual-rate springs, which have a highly positive effect on bumpy roads. Add to this 8.5 inches of ground clearance and 5.9 inches of travel, and it becomes obvious that we are talking about one pretty serious off-roader.

A great thing to know is that this suspension setup doesn’t just provide great comfort, but that it also has a highly positive effect on overall performances. Thanks to such setup, as well as to a powerful engine, max towing capacity goes around 1.000 pounds.

2020 Honda Pioneer 500 Comfort and Convenience

Unlike bigger Pioneer models, this model comes only in the version with two seats. The rear part of the UTV comes with a nice carrier. It is made of steel and has a max capacity of quite impressive 450 pounds. The dashboard design is designed in a typical Pioneer manner and comes with a nice instrument cluster and excellent transparency. As we already mentioned, this model comes standard with paddle shifters.

2020 Honda Pioneer 500 Interior

Also, we like the fact that there are various customization options. Besides numerous accessories in the offer, there is also a wide range of available colors. More precisely, there are six color options in the offer – Red, White, Metallic Blue, Olive, Moose Brown and Honda Phantom Camo.

2020 Honda Pioneer 500 Price

The 2020 Honda Pioneer 500 starts at 9.200 dollars. You may count on a typical one-year warranty, though there are also several extended coverage plans in the offer.

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