2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 Review, Specs, Deluxe, Price

Side by side vehicles are usually seen a primarily utility machines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ride them with style. The 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 is a perfect example. The flagship model of the famous Pioneer series comes with a powerful engine, but also has a lot of other things to offer, starting from a great look, comfortable seats and excellent chassis setup. Thanks to all those features, it offers great overall performances but also ensures comfortable and convenient ride. It comes with either single or two rows of seats and it is big and rugged enough to deal with any kind of trouble.  The 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 doesn’t come with particular changes. You may count on familiar design characteristics and features, as well as on the pretty much unchanged price tag.

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 Design

When it comes to base design characteristics, you can notice that the 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 looks like a common UTV. It features around 80 inches in wheelbase, which ensures a good balance between size and maneuverability. The thing with this model is that most of the amazing features are those you can see, as they are hidden way under the skin. This particularly refers to the chassis setup.

The first thing we should mention is an excellent suspension setup. With 12.5 inches of ground clearance, you may count on excellent off-road performances. Also, we love that self-leveling rear suspension,  which in practice means that the ground clearance will remain the same, no matter the load you have in the cargo bed. Another thing we like is that both front and rear suspension are fully independent, with more than 10 inches of travel.

Of course, that’s not the only great thing about this chassis. You may count on the rubber-mounted engine and exhaust system. In practice, this means significantly less vibration and noise, which means you may count on a much higher level of overall comfort. Speaking of comfort and convenience,  power steering is part of the standard equipment as well.

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 Interior Design

When it comes to the interior design, the 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 looks simple but very nice. Of course, comfort and functionality are far more important than the look and that is where all Pioneer models really shine. This particular version is available in two variants, with either single and two rows of seats. Seats feature quite good overall quality, while we also like that LCD display. It is simple and extremely easy to read, but it delivers every necessary information. It shows things like speed, fuel level. RPM, transmission mode, water temperature, trip information, clock and more.

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 Interior

A tilt steering wheel is also the thing we like, as it allows a lot of adjustments for the best possible driving experience.

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 Engine and Performances

The 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 continues with a familiar 999cc twin-engine, something that motorcyclists will definitely love. In this situation, it acts perfectly. It delivers plenty of power and torque, so it’s no wonder that a max towing capacity goes all-away up to 2000 pounds, which is something you won’t get from any other competitors. The engine comes in pair with a 6-speed DCT automatic transmission, which works great. Paddle shifters are included as well.

Besides well-designed powertrain, this UTV also comes with several additional features. For example, you get a hill-start assist system. Moreover, there is a brand-new feature called electronic brakeforce distribution. This thing is super-useful in various situations, as you get a proper amount of brakeforce, no matter if your cargo is full or empty. Speaking of the cargo bed, the payload capacity goes up to 1.000 pounds.

Finally, the best part of this side by side is a small level you’ll find next to the steering wheel. With it, you can effortlessly change driving modes. Speaking of drive modes, the 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 covers pretty much everything. Of course, 2WD modes seem logical, but there is an excellent 4×4 mode that can deal with any kind of hard terrains. If the surface is sensitive, there is a so-called Turf mode. Finally, you may count on locking rear and front differentials.

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 side view

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 Price

The 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 starts at around 15.800 dollars. Also, you may count on a wide range of colors, which include the following finishes: Red, White, Bluer, Olive, Camo,  Honda Phantom, Matte Green Metallic etc.

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