2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Review, Deluxe, LE, Specs

The 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 is a part of the 1000 series of the famous side by side, which is a flagship model in Honda’s lineup. However, this isn’t just the best UTV you can get from Honda. This is arguably the best and most advanced side by side on the market today. No other vehicle of this type offers such a dose of refinement, such an amazing amount of technologies, along with the best-in-class engine, drivetrain and chassis design. The new year model doesn’t come with many changes compared to the previous years. That can mean only one thing, that you will get an unparalleled level of comfort and performances. This UTV also looks amazing, thanks to attractive bodywork, while it also offers nice customization options, as there are several color options in the offer.

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Engine

We will start with the heart of this side by side, the engine. Things are pretty familiar here. You can count on the famous 999cc parallel-twin engine, derived from the company’s famous motocross model. The engine is incredibly smooth and refined. It is also extremely light, which has a great effect on the overall efficiency and performances. Speaking about performances, the most important thing about this engine is that it is positioned longitudinally, so you may count on the perfect transfer of power.

Speaking of the power transfer, we are coming to one of the best parts of 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5. Of course, we are talking about the excellent 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which is great in so many ways. Not only that it delivers a smooth and refined ride, but it is also extremely intelligent and perfectly adapts to your driving style. If you are gentle on the throttle, the engine will remain in low revs, while the ride will remain quiet and refined. On the other side, if you are hard on the pedal, things will become pretty wild and you may count on excellent performances and a lot of excitement.  Still, if your driving style is a little bit inconsistent, the transmission remains calm and won’t trouble you with too frequent gear changes, especially when it comes to downshifts.

The best thing about the transmission is that the 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 comes standard with paddle shifters, so you can take control at any time. Still, keep in mind that these paddles are only for help in certain situations. This mode isn’t permanent, but the transmission will continue with automatic mode after a couple of seconds.

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 side view

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Chassis and Suspension

The first thing we should mention is the amazing I-4WD intelligent 4WD system. It comes with many advanced technological solutions that make driving this UTV much more convenient. First of all, this system ensures much better traction, but it is important to mention that it works in perfect symbiosis with the locking differential. So, it acts excellent at higher speeds, when turning etc.

When it comes to the suspension setup, things are pretty typical here. Like any other model from the 1000 series, it comes with independent double wishbones, which ensure more than 10 inches of travel on both axles. Things are the same on both axles also when it comes to brakes, as you may count on dual hydraulic discs.

Another thing we really like about this side by side is that excellent electric power steering system, which not only that ensures effortless steering, but also adapts to speed and terrain, so you may count on excellent connection with the ground.

All these design solutions, both in terms of the engine and chassis, are the reason for class-leading towing capacity. It goes over 2.000, which is a pretty impressive number for a UTV.

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Styling and Comfort

The 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 doesn’t just deliver excellent performances, but it also does it with style. The first thing that you’ll notice is that Honda puts a lot of details on this model. So, the styling is definitely its strong point. Excellent bodywork and loads of interesting details are the reason why this UTV looks so good. Also, there are various color options in the offer.

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 QuickFlip seats

Besides being great from the outside, the 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 is also great from the inside. The dashboard is the same as in other 1000 models, which means you can count on a fine balance between simplicity and functionality, as well as on perfect ergonomics. This version accommodates up to five passengers. We particularly like the super-versatile QuickFlip seats, which allow you to quickly configure your Pioneer. So, you can choose between setups for three, four or five passengers and which allows you to balance between the number of passengers and cargo space.

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Price

The base 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 goes around 17.200 dollars.

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