2020 Honda Crider Review, Features and Price

After the recent introduction of the new generation, the 2020 Honda Crider comes without more important changes, as it was expected. The compact sedan has been around for several years. The original model was introduced in 2012 and it is currently in the second generation. The current model has been introduced less than two years ago and it has brought a lot of interesting novelties. The new model is bigger than the original and also packs a lot of new technologies.

Of course, there is a new styling and, more importantly, new powertrain, which is more powerful, more refined and more efficient. All this is a clear indicator that the company has big ambitions with this sedan, primarily in China, though the latest reports suggest Honda might expand the offer to a few more markets as well.

2020 Honda Crider

2020 Honda Crider Design

In terms of base design characteristics, things are pretty familiar here. The new model relies on the famous Civic compact car, as well as on a subcompact model called City, which is primarily offered in India. Compared to these two models, the Crider is notably bigger and features stretched wheelbase, which is for about an inch longer compared to Civic. This puts Crider in the fine position which coquettes between compact and mid-size segments. Of course, this model is still far away from the legendary Accord in all aspects, though it is a great alternative for Chinese drivers, especially if consider the price tag.


In terms of aesthetics, the 2020 Honda Crider doesn’t bring any particular change. As we are talking about a fresh model on the market, that looks natural. As you can see, the model is heavily based on the company’s latest design language, particularly on the Civic, though there are some obvious differences as well. The front end has a lot of similarities with Civic and particularly Accord, but the grille and headlights are actually a little bit tweaked, while the bumper features significantly different shape, which seems a little bit less aggressive.

2020 Honda Crider rear

On the other side, untypically for Honda, the rear end looks quite conventional. There are some pretty conservative lines, particularly in terms of taillights, but we may presume that’s something that an average Chines buyer likes. The overall shape is in a typical sedan layout and the car generally has a pretty attractive line and looks pretty upscale, considering that it is designed primarily for developing markets.

2020 Honda Crider Interior

The same story is on the inside. Although a relatively affordable car, the 2020 Honda Crider features a quite attractive cabin full of nice materials. Moreover, the dashboard looks very attractive. It is simple but also very stylish, which a touchscreen at the center stack is definitely one of the highlights. We also like the instrument cluster, things are pretty simple and extremely transparent, just like they are supposed to be.

2020 Honda Crider Interior

Besides the good overall quality, this cabin is also quite spacious. Both rows of seats are generous in terms of legroom, so fitting five adult passengers definitely won’t be a problem. The cargo area is also quite spacious.

2020 Honda Crider Engines

At this point, the 2020 Honda Crider comes with just one engine in the offer. With the recent redesign, the good-old 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine has been replaced with a much smaller 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder unit, which is peppier and more efficient. A max output goes around 127 horsepower, just like in the base Civic model.

Some reports also suggest we might see additions in this aspect. According to them, the Japanese manufacturer prepares a hybrid version of this sedan. Most likely, that will be a system based on a  1.5-liter engine, similar to one that can be found in the City. Still, we count on a slight power boost and a max output that will probably go around 150 horsepower.


The base model goes slightly under 100.000 Yuan, or around 14.500 when translated to dollars.

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