2020 Honda CRF450RX Review, Specs, HP

In Honda’s lineup, you can find pretty much anything, whether you need an ultimate off-road racer, or something a little bit milder. Moreover, you can even find something in between. In this case, the 2020 Honda CRF450RX seems like an obvious choice. Based on the legendary CRF450R, this bike delivers impressive riding characteristics. On the other side, it also borrows some of the design characteristics from a milder and more practical CRF450X, such as a bigger fuel tank, 18-inch rear wheel, sidestand and more. With all these features, the 2020 Honda CRF450RX is capable of doing many more things than the two aforementioned models. It is a race-ready machine, which is also practical enough for weekend off-roading. It’s hard to beat this model when it comes to this kind of versatility, especially when you can count on the CRF’s genuine styling and overall design.

2020 Honda CRF450RX front

2020 Honda CRF450RX Powertrain

When it comes to powertrain, it’s hard to beat Honda’s famous single-cylinder units, known for unparalleled reliability and durability. Of course, this one comes with an excellent 449cc unit. It comes with a couple of advanced tech solutions, which make it even better. One of the first things that come to mind is a unicam cylinder design. It takes the best from both worlds. It is as capable as a double-overhead-cam unit, but also very compact. Combined with downdraft fuel injection, it also delivers an impressive amount of torque, so needed at low revs. Finally, you may count on a pretty high compression ratio. This keeps fuel economy at a reasonable level, no matter how hard you push this machine.

When it comes to the transmission, you may count on a well-known close-ratio five-speed unit. The biggest novelty for this year is the addition of Honda Selectable Torque Control, which allows you to dial how much traction you want on the rear wheel.

2020 Honda CRF450RX side

2020 Honda CRF450RX Chassis and Suspension

Lightweight and excellent mass distribution have always been some of the strongest points of all CRF-badged models. The 2020 Honda CRF450RX is no exception. Of course, you may count on exceptional sturdiness along with a pretty light curb weight, which goes just around 255 pounds. The twin-spar aluminum chassis is not just light but also designed in such manner to ensure excellent traction and steering precision. Honda pays attention to every detail. So, even the rear shock’s mounting point is lower than before, in order to get a lower center of gravity.

Of course, one of the main reasons for the bike’s excellent riding characteristics is the suspension setup. At the front, you may count on 49mm leading-axle inverted telescopic Showa coil-spring fork, which comes with rebound and damping adjustability. On the other end, you may count on excellent Pro-Link Showa single shock with adjustable spring preload. Of course, it also comes with rebound and damping adjustability. The ground clearance is slightly under 13 inches, while the wheelbase goes around 58.2 inches.

2020 Honda CRF450RX Design and Convenience

The 2020 Honda CRF450RX is characterized by many interesting design solutions. All of them make the ride not just better, but also more convenient. When it comes to performance, one of the interesting novelties for the 2020 Honda CRF450RX is a new battery box. It is positioned 28mm lower than before. Of course, this means a lower center of gravity and better handling in practice. Speaking of the mass distribution, there is also a twin-muffler exhaust system, pretty compact in size, which sits low and close to the chassis.

2020 Honda CRF450RX rear

When it comes to convenience, one of the things you will definitely like is an electric starter, as well as a pretty large fuel tank that has a capacity of 2.25 gallons. The 2020 Honda CRF450RX also comes with new rear brake pads, which stop better and will last longer, according to the manufacturer.

2020 Honda CRF450RX Pricing

The 2020 Honda CRF450RX features a starting price of 9.700 dollars. As you may presume, it is available in Honda’s famous Red finish only.

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