2020 Honda City Price, Interior, Malaysia

The new generation of the famous subcompact car is here. For almost three decades, this has been one of the major players in India and similar developing markets. Things haven’t changed too much up to these days. Although most of the world is now overflowed with crossovers, small sedans still play an important role in India. Therefore, the Japanese manufacturer redesigned this model, which now comes with various interesting novelties, as the 2020 Honda City. There is a new styling, new mechanics, as well as a new engine. Also, there is a new sporty trim level caller RS, which comes with interesting upgrades.

2020 Honda City

2020 Honda City Redesign

This redesign brings some pretty interesting changes. In terms of mechanics, the new model rides on the same platform as the Fit/Jazz model. The new model is slightly bigger, but also lighter, which has a positive effect on the overall driving experience. Still, most of the potential drivers will notice the new styling first. This model comes with a completely new face. It’s easy to notice that the front end closely resembles more famous models like Civic and Accord. There is the same approach to the grille design, in which headlights are also quite similar. On the other side, the rest of the body comes in a typical sedan manner, with a slightly sleeker profile and better aerodynamics compared to the previous model.


When it comes to interior design, you can notice an obvious improvement in terms of quality. Still, the dashboard continues with the familiar minimalistic approach, despite that the design is new. This is an affordable car and the easiest way to make production cheaper is to save on the interior look and quality. Still, the overall impression is pretty good. Also, it’s important to mention that the new model offers a little bit more space compared to the predecessor.

2020 Honda City Interior

2020 Honda City Engine

When it comes to the powertrain, things are completely new. So far, this small sedan was available with relatively large, naturally-aspirated engines. This has changed and the new model now comes with a small 1.0-liter turbo three-cylinder engine. This unit may be small, but it offers a lot of power. It is good for about 120 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque, which is more than enough to provide good driving dynamics on this small sedan. The engine comes paired with a CVT gearbox.

Considering that the new City shares most of the parts with Fit/Jazz, we may see a hybrid version in the future as well. At this point, there are no words from the officials on this matter.

2020 Honda City RS

This is a new trim level in the offer. Compared to the rest of the lineup, it comes with several exclusive features, mostly in terms of the styling, which provides the sportier look. For example, you can easily notice a blacked grille, as well as new 16-inch alloy wheels. Also, the new Ignite Red finish is exclusively offered in this trim level. Finally, count on body kit upgrades such as rear spoiler and electrically retractable side mirrors. LED headlights are also part of the standard equipment.

2020 Honda City

Release Date and Price

The 2020 Honda City already went on sale in countries like Thailand and India. When we transfer to dollars, base model models go around 13.000/14.000, depending on the market.

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