2020 Honda CBR650R Review, Colors, Specs

Honda motorcycles are special in so many different ways. Of course, it all depends on what you want from a bike. When it comes to sports bikes, Honda has a legacy like no other manufacturer. Still, this company constantly works on new design solutions, and 2020 Honda CBR650R is a logical consequence. Basically a sports bike, this machine is actually much more than that. It is a quite versatile bike, which takes inspiration from the iconic CBR1000RR models but also keeps things simpler and more practical for the daily ride. Also, keep in mind a high level of comfort this bike offers, which is a luxury you won’t get in many machines in this class.

2020 Honda CBR650R

2020 Honda CBR650R Engine and Specs

Of course, the heart of this motorcycle is its engine. Typically for Honda, things are nearly perfect in this aspect. You may count on a smooth 649cc inline-four liquid-cooled engine, and that additional couple of cylinders is something you won’t find on many other bikes in the midweight class. The engine sounds amazing, while the amount of power is more than satisfying. With 88 horsepower, this 210-kg heavy bike (458 pounds)delivers excellent acceleration, while a big amount of torque makes you feel like you are riding something much bigger.

On the other side, things are pretty articulated, despite the power. This bike is designed to provide a convenient ride in urban conditions as well, and we can say 2020 Honda CBR650R does the job very well. One of the main reasons is the excellent 6-speed transmission which comes with assist and slipper clutch.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact numbers when it comes to fuel economy. On the other side, the fuel tank has a capacity of 4.1 gallons.

2020 Honda CBR650R Front

2020 Honda CBR650R Chassis Design

The 2020 Honda CBR650R features a quite decent size. With 57 inches in wheelbase, it’s not the biggest bike in the class but feels larger in reality. On the other side, it offers excellent maneuverability, while we particularly like the chassis, which is mostly made of lightweight materials. This bike is light, fast and efficient, but we also love that four-into-one exhaust design, which looks great but sounds even better.

In terms of ride quality, the thing we particularly like is that Honda Selectable Torque Control, which is a perfect feature for non-experienced riders who want to enjoy the sportier and more aggressive ride. What this system does is that it adjusts the engine power in order to optimize torque on the rear wheel. That reduces rear wheel slip significantly. Another thing we should mention is that ABS is standard.

Style and Comfort

Of course, styling plays an important role as well. We all want an attractive-looking bike, with aggressive lines and perfect aerodynamics. The 2020 Honda CBR650R does the job excellent and definitely accentuates its excellent performances. The bike closely resembles higher-class track-focused models but remains comfortable at the same time. For example, we particularly like the riding position, which is a typical sporting position, a little bit more natural compared to superbikes. This ensures a comfortable and convenient ride that won’t make you feel exhausted after a short urban ride.

Typically for modern Honda Bikes, the instrument cluster simple but great-looking at the same time. It is completely digital, perfectly transparent, which shows all the necessary information.

2020 Honda CBR650R side view

2020 Honda CBR650R Pricing

The 2020 Honda CBR650R is already available in most markets of the world. The price seems quite affordable, as it starts at around 9.700 dollars. The bike comes in Grand Prix Red/Stripe finish and as we already mentioned, ABS is a part of standard equipment. Also, count on a one-year unlimited-mileage warranty, while there is also an available extension plan.

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