2020 Honda CBR300R Is Perfect Urban Sports Bike

If you want a genuine Grand Prix design in a small and simple package, the 2020 Honda CBR300R might be a perfect bike for you. Of course, it’s not as fast as the legendary CBR1000R, but it is as much as fun to drive and particularly great for non-experienced riders. Experienced riders will like it as well, because of the impressive handling and overall chassis design, which has a lot in common with another popular choice, CBR650R. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable but fun to ride a motorcycle, you will hardly find something better than this one.

2020 Honda CBR300R

2020 Honda CBR300R Design

The first thing that you’ll notice about the 2020 Honda CBR300R is its styling. It’s not hard to see that this model feature a genuine Grand Prix styling, heavily inspired by the aforementioned bigger siblings. Besides the attractive styling, this model also borrows many technical solutions from the legendary models.

The first thing we should mention is the excellent chassis design. The chassis is stiff but extremely light, as the whole motorcycle weighs just a little bit over 350 pounds. Also, you may count on relatively compact dimensions, as there are 54 inches in wheelbase. Another feature that 2020 Honda CBR300R borrows from bigger siblings is a single-shock ProLink rear suspension, which brings impressive benefits, both in terms of handling and comfort. Also, we should mention that version with anti-lock brakes is also available, for those who want even more convenient ride.

2020 Honda CBR300R Engine and Performance

While the chassis and overall design have a lot of similarities with bigger sports bikes, things are much some when it comes to the core. The 2020 Honda CBR300R comes with a familiar 286cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which is light and simple but also quite powerful. With almost 35 horsepower, you may count on a pretty decent acceleration and dynamics that will satisfy even those more demanding riders. Besides plenty of power, this engine provides a lot of torque in a wide rev range, while the biggest benefit of a single-cylinder engine is definitely fuel economy, which is really impressive.

2020 Honda CBR300R side view

Another thing we should mention about the 2020 Honda CBR300R is that it features a counterbalancer shaft, which provides a smooth ride and makes this single-cylinder unit act like some much bigger, multi-cylinder engine.

Comfort and Convenience

The first thing that you should know is that this is a genuine sports bike, despite the engine size. Therefore, you may count on a pretty narrow riding position, which always calls for action. Also, the seat height goes around 30.7 inches, which makes this bike suitable for a wide range of riders. The bike comes standard with passenger seat, grab rails and footpegs, so we could easily agree that the 2020 Honda CBR300R is not just agile and fun to ride, but also a pretty versatile machine.

The instrument cluster is a story for itself. Unlike most modern bikes that go completely digital, the 2020 Honda CBR300R mixes digital gauges with old-school analog instruments. More precisely, while things like speedometer, fuel gauge and similar things are digital, there is a good-old analog tachometer.

2020 Honda CBR300R cluster

2020 Honda CBR300R Pricing

All these features are the reason why so many riders love CBR300R. This motorcycle is all about handling and riding experience, but the thing that makes it even better is the fact that it comes with a simple single-cylinder engine, which makes it pretty affordable, while maintenance costs are extremely low. The base model starts at around 4.700, while models with ABS go around 5.000 dollars. Two color options are available – Matte Black Metallic and Grand Prix Red.

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