Next-Gen 2020 Acura ILX is Ready For Production

The new generation of the luxurious executive car Acura ILX could start in 2020. This vehicle is in its first version, launched back in 2013. For 2020 Acura ILX, Honda as the parent company is preparing a big switch. First of all, the model is becoming bigger. However, it will still be in the subcompact class of its segment. By the way, executive cars are bigger than family vehicles. So, the ILX will take the entry-level rank.

The number of changes caused by new dimensions will also be bigger. Designers are having a new body to decorate and sculp. Well, the 2020 Acura ILX is not changing radically the look of its predecessors. Instead, a big redesign is going to refresh the interest of old fans and draw the attention of younger enthusiasts.

2020 Acura ILX

2020 Acura ILX Engine

Under the hood of the 2020 Acura ILX is a 2.4-liter inline-four engine. It is a successor of 2.0-liter unit that was used until the facelift in 2016. However, the new powertrain has shown promise, so there is not doubt it will be a part of the next lineup. It is capable to produce 200 horses and 180 lb-ft of torque. Instead of an old 6-speed gearbox, the ILX is going to route power through an eight-speed automatic transmission.


The Acura ILX had a hybrid engine before. The next-gen car could bring it back. In the matter of fact, experts are very confident this is going to happen. They claim trusted sources are informing about the development of 2020 Acura ILX hybrid. This is going to be another stunning addition for the new generation.

A 1.5-l engine came in pair with electric batteries. However, the power output was not a good enough, so Honda discontinued the hybrid for its luxury car. Now, even with tuning, the small displacement can’t meet demands of market in the US. The 2020 Acura ILX hybrid must use some larger displacement. It is not going to be the only such model in upcoming seasons, since the company is electrifying few other vehicles, including flagship SUV Honda Pilot.

2020 Acura ILX redesign

2020 Acura ILX Redesign

The exterior of the 2020 Acura ILX is getting a whole new look. Not only that car is wider and longer. Designers are going to revisit and change the entire front fascia. New headlights, bumper, and even grille will put the spotlight on the ILX when it appears at some big car show. Hood and roof are getting different, more aerodynamic and aesthetic lines.

The rear fascia is also suffering changes. Taillights have new shapes. Trunk and pillars as well. The exhaust tip is going to make 2020 Acura ILX more aggressive and elegant at the same time.


Inside the 2020 Acura ILX we will see an overhaul. But, the car will borrow some solutions from its siblings, especially from the SUV class. Acura is installing the latest features in the RDX and MDX models, and we are sure that ILX executive model will carry over some of the accessories. Of course, increase of dimensions is going to provide more space for passengers. We will see the new layout. However, closer details are still unavailable.

2020 Acura ILX interior

2020 Acura ILX Release Date and Price

The new generation of the executive car is coming late in 2019. We are still waiting for the official confirmation for this vehicle. However, there is a lot of time for the company to tune it properly. Spy photos are yet to come. As soon as first prototypes get on roads, we will know the release date of the 2020 Acura ILX is near.

All the changes will modify the price of the car. Of course, innovations and features boosting comfort and infotainment will make the 2020 Acura ILX cost more than its predecessors. The new generation of the premium car will raise the price to at least $33,000.

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