2019 Honda Insight Hybrid, Interior, Price, Mpg

New upcoming model of Honda vehicles has made a grand entrance on the market after the first appearing in 1999. There will be many interesting details about 2019 Honda Insight since there is a new is a new line created sedans. Their popularity lies in a nice packed product which will gain many positive marks already. This will be the third generation of Honda Insight sedans which have many things to offer. Upgraded performance and redesigned manners are just heating up for next chapter.

There is no secret that Japanese carmaker has developed the latest technology in the overall concept of this car. Eastern market is well known for its quality and manageable details in promotions and launching. The designer did their best to recreate symbolic features which are adjustable for American, and later European countries as well.

2019 Honda Insight

2019 Honda Insight engine

The powertrain of new 2019 Honda Insight will be different in another way. The new engine will have 1.5-liter Atkinson drivetrain. It pairs the electric motor and lithium-ion battery. The performance will run its work on electric power alone, using the engine as a generator. Batteries will be positioned beneath the rear seats. So, they would not take any space. The transmission is going to be running in two ways combined. The motor will run on single ratio and the gas engine will use another ratio for higher speeds.

Expectation about fuel economy is high and very promising. Fuel economy combined with 50mpg will be more competitive hybrid among the other ones. Comparing to the current one, new Insight will beat the competition since the numbers are higher. The main goal was creating an engine with enough fuel resumption and environmental safety to have a game with other opponents.

2019 Honda Insight interior

The entrance of new 2019 Honda Insight is spacious and fully equipped with latest tech additions. With the new redesign, and upgraded infotainment system we can expect many novelties in every trim base available. An upcoming model will offer leather seats with wooden details, darkened glasses and sharp lines inside. Comfort is also a great part of the design, so we can notice great leg-room space and adjustable rear seats and wider plastic console inside. The infotainment system is at a high level, including Honda Sensing safety system for upper trim levels. Wheelbase will have a 7-inch monitor with LCD touch-screen panel with all Google programs needed.  This model will also be available to reach new updates for programs required.

2019 Honda Insight interior

2019 Honda Insight exterior

Design of new 2019 Honda Insight is changing according to time and current needs. Since there were several different launchings back in time, this one will have some novelties. The first generation was base with teardrop shape with sporty and aggressive appearance. The second generation was similar to 4-door Prius, which was short in production which powertrain was not the hybrid ones.

The new shape of Honda Insight will have some small but similar specs and details like Civic and Accord. New sedan shape will make new shell more elegant and yet sporty. Lighter materials used in production will be enough to make the performance go easily with smooth driving in town or on the highways. This sedan will have class-leading passenger shape which will take all comfort needed.

2019 Honda Insight rear

2019 Honda Insight price

Since there is an official information that new 2019 Honda Insight will be available in sell after holidays in 2019, in the current year we can expect final promotions. This model should come in a lineup which includes a fuel cell, electric and plug-in hybrid. Based on trim level, the main price will be near $30,000, including the base package. Finally, the new model will have optional equipment which will be affordable next to the main package.

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