2019 Honda Accord Type R Release Date in US

The US market is thirsty for Type R models from Honda. It is not hard to see differences between these and standard version. Type R badge brings a lot of excitement with its design and performance. In the upcoming fleet, there is one very interesting model. The 2019 Honda Accord Type R should draw the most attention alongside Civic and its Type R model.

Civic made the way for other performance-oriented models. Now, Americans will see for the first time Accord Type R car. Although it has a long history, only buyers in Japan, UK, and Europe could see its previous edition. With the tenth generation of the vehicle, 2019 Honda Accord Type R is coming to the US. It will share a lot with its sibling Civic.

2019 Honda Accord Type R side

2019 Honda Accord Type R specs and engine

For the premiere, it seems like 2019 Honda Accord Type R will share drivetrain with Civic. It is a 2.0-liter turbo engine with an output of 305 hp. However, it seems like fans are not happy with it. Actually, experts also expected higher output from this performance vehicle. Also, 295 lb-ft of torque is short of expectations. All in all, the upcoming Honda Accord Type R should bring a lot more.

Standard models of Accord sedan are equipped with 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter base powertrains. Both of them are four-cylinder drivetrains. So, it is not likely to see a new V-6 under the hood of the Accord Type R. For this lineup fans will miss it, but company can hear demands, and we are sure in future Accord will bring larger unit for its Type R version.

Transmission and mileage

The 2019 Honda Accord Type R will use a 6-speed automatic gearbox. This is another point where experts find lack of this vehicle. For such performer, drivers would probably have a better impression with a manual transmission. Also, buyers will get Type R Accord sedan with AWD setup only. No front-wheel drive mode is going to be available.

2019 Honda Accord Type R engine

2019 Honda Accord Type R styling

Few things are already certain about 2019 Honda Accord Type R. First of all, it will be based on the standard model. Second, Type R will keep massive grille of its sibling. Of course, it will add its badge. Furthermore, the car is lower and it will get some stylish, but also functional details. Unique wheels and quad exhaust tips are going to boost overall aggressiveness.


Type R in every Honda brings a lot of red colors all over the cabin. So it is in Accord. Interior is going to be totally different. From seats and steering wheel to climate control, everything is tuned for sportier feeling. Red stitches are dominating on seats, upholstery, and even dashboard.

2019 Honda Accord Type R cabin

2019 Honda Accord Type R price and competition

The price of the 2019 Honda Accord Type R will start above $40,000. That is the only clear rumor. Some experts believe that this model can be priced even $50,000. However, it is unlikely, since it is not coming with a V-6 engine. Most rumors are pointing to a $43k price tag without any extra package. Buyers will be able to change parts and customize their Accord Type R and then they can easily reach the price of $50k.

It is hard to find a true competitor to the 2019 Honda Accord Type R. The sedan will most likely rival Ford Fusion Sport for more buyers. However, the US carmaker is producing a more powerful version. Fusion Sport can deliver 330 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. With such output, Accord is not on the same level with this competitor. VW Golf R and Ford Focus RS are also in the higher league.

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