2019 Honda Accord Sport 2.0 and 1.5 Engines

Honda Accord is one of the flagship models in this company. That is why it had so many variations, including sedan, hatchback, and coupe. Now, in its tenth generation, the 2019 Accord is available only as a sedan. Whatsoever, this car offers plenty of features and options, so its fans can customize the favorite vehicle. Once again, probably the most interesting configuration is going to be 2019 Honda Accord Sport.

This type of Accord will bring different styling. Also, the sedan is packed with more premium features and driver assist equipment. Furthermore, special tuning will allow better performance, which is the most important to buyers. This upgrade of the Accord lineup will lure more fans to check the entire offer, including Sedan and Type R.

2019 Honda Accord Sport 2.0

2019 Honda Accord Sport 2.0

Under the bonnet of the 2019 Honda Accord Sport will be a powerful 2.0-liter engine. Buyers will definitely want to see this version instead of the 1.5-liter powertrain in the base model. However, we will talk about it later. A 2.0-liter drivetrain is offering 250 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. The Honda Accord Sport responds with a sprint to 60 mph in under 6 seconds. Transmissions options are also available to buyers. The manual gearbox is standard. Upper trims offer a 10-speed automatic, which is also optional equipment for some packages. The manual transmission is a 6-speed.

Accord Sport to come with 1.5 powertrain

Since 2.0-liter 4-cylinder drivetrain offers more power, it is also more expensive. A cheaper solution is a 1.5-liter four-banger with outputs of 192 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. This drivetrain is using the same transmissions as its bigger sibling. A 6-speed manual is standard, while a 10-pace auto is optional.

Fuel consumption and MPG

With more power and higher price, buyers will also get the less fuel-friendly engine in 2.0. This unit returns only 22 mpg in a city ride, while a 1.5-liter mill can give you 26 mpg. On the highway, the gap is slightly tighter. Smaller displacement can make 35 mpg, and 2.0-liter unit 32 mpg. Automatic transmission boosts the mileage to 38 mpg on the highway with a 1.5-liter engine.

2019 Honda Accord Sport 1.5

2019 Honda Accord Sport pros and cons

Buyers will definitely love the entire drive feeling. From the powerful engine, to smooth transmission, everything works great. Well, the pedals could be slightly softened. The response is excellent, as well as the practicability, and 2019 Honda Accord Sport could be less loud than its predecessor.

2019 Honda Accord Sport interior and features

First of all, the 2019 Honda Accord Sport will get the latest Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services to their drivers. Furthermore, 8-inch display with fast charging USB port is standard, which is not the case with base Accord Sedan. Also, the 1.5 model is also coming with nice accessories. When the safety matters, we will find blind-spot monitoring. Also, a sunroof is a nice addition. Front seats have to heat, while a driver can start the car with push button system.

2019 Honda Accord Sport front

2019 Honda Accord Sport release date

A special edition of the Accord sedan will follow the premiere of its base model in few months. That means we won’t see the 2019 Honda Accord Sport before next year. Fans could be disappointed with this. However, on the other hand, that means people in Honda will have extra time to finish all and make the 2019 Accord Sport better.


Since there are two types of engines, the price will be different. Of course, smaller displacement is cheaper. The 2019 Honda Accord Sport 1.5 version will cost around $27,000. The 2.0 model will have a price of at least $32,000. However, both models will have extra versions with more equipment, that will cost higher.

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