2018 Honda XR650L

The legendary off-road bike is coming once again as the 2018 Honda XR650L. This time, it will perform great on and off the asphalt. However, it is not so exciting to drive on the highway. When the rider gets dirty, then the impression is complete. Not only that the bike looks cool and performs well, but it is also ergonomics. Suspensions are getting improvements, so the ride is more comfortable. It lacks excitement when you ride Honda XR650L on the open road, but it is very joyful for long-distance journeys. The versatility of the motorcycle is what makes it so special, and why it is called legendary.

2018 Honda XR650L

2018 Honda XR650L specs

The power heart of the 2018 Honda XR650L is a 644 cc unit with air cooling system. Compared to liquid-cooling, this one is much lighter, and for dirt bikes, every pound counts. This system is good enough to cool a 4-stroke single-cylinder drivetrain. A SOHC valve train and 8.3:1 compression ratio provides superb riding quality. Bore is with higher values than stroke. A CV diaphragm carburetor is part of the induction system, while electronic ignition with electric starter will make the 2018 XR650L bike start easily even in cold weather.

2018 Honda XR650L ride

2018 Honda XR650L styling

The only color option for the 2018 Honda XR650L is red. However, if you find hard to recognize the type of bike, big black graphics are going to unveil the name. Seating position is at 37-inches. Under the bike, we will have 13 inches of ground clearance. As we already said, this is enough for dirt and off-road ride. Also, air-flow is smooth, so the motorcycle will easily accelerate on the road. The fuel tank can take 2.8 gallons of fuel, while the reserve is set at 0.6 gallons. The overall weight, with all liquids and full gas tank, is 346 pounds.

2018 Honda XR650L front

2018 Honda XR650L price

The price of the 2018 Honda XR650L is not so cheap. Not everyone can afford $7,000 for a dirt bike. But, for riders looking for an additional dose of adrenaline, the XR650L is a perfect choice. This is the biggest motorcycle in the XR series from Honda. However, fans can also try a CRF250L as another dual-sport bike in the Japanese carmaker’s lineup.

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