2018 Honda X-ADV

The 2018 Honda X-ADV cruiser is retaining all the features of a scooter. However, the Japanese manufacturer is adding to them some of the features of classic enduro motorcycles. The X-ADV is open for a ride in city traffic, or for a cruise on the road. Finally, the bike can get off the asphalt into the dirt, and perform nicely also. So, the question remains, is Honda X-ADV a massive scooter or enduro motorcycle? The dilemma imposes as soon as you look at the bike. But, in order to enjoy something new like X-ADV, there is no need to find a definition at all costs.

2018 Honda X-ADV

2018 Honda X-ADV styling

Honda created something that we couldn’t see so far. This is a promising start for a new segment. The commanding panel, with a wide motocross steering wheel, has high-mounted instrumentation and adjustable windshield. We can find similarities on the legendary Africa Twin. Sitting and legs positions remind us of other two bikes – Integra and NC 750. These are the models on which the X-ADV is based.

2018 Honda X-ADV side

2018 Honda X-ADV specs

The impression of the 2018 Honda X-ADV  gets a boost from a twin-cylinder engine of 745 cc. The drivetrain is capable to develop 55 hp. The highlight is it work at lower speeds. Thanks to its generous torque, 2018 Honda X-ADV runs even more forcefully. Combined fuel consumption is 70 mpg or around 3.3 l/100 km. Engineers adapted an automatic DCT transmissions to the 2018 X-ADV. Electronics are running in the lower gears for longer, with four operating programs. There is a manual gear selection as well, with the lever handle on the steering wheel.

2018 Honda X-ADV front

2018 Honda X-ADV off-road skills

Trying the X-ADV out of the asphalt was inevitable. The weight of the bike’s body is decisive for an off-road ride. The mass concentrates in the central part, so outside the asphalt, it is hard to reach limits of the 2018 Honda X-ADV. The motorcycle is ready for the toughest tasks of dusty roads and pavements on the edges and sidewalks.

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