2018 Honda VFR1200X

The Africa Twin model could be one of the most popular adventures endure bike. However, the biggest competition comes from the same company. The brand-new 2018 Honda VFR1200X is going to surprise with its performance. Some could find a VFR1200 bike and wonder about the “X” on this model. The Honda VFR1200X appeared in Europe in 2011 for the first time, and since 2016 it is present in the US market too. Although it is a new motorcycle for bikers in North America, the VFR1200X is the same as the European Crosstourer bike.

2018 Honda VFR1200X crosstourer

2018 Honda VFR1200X engine and performance

The power source of the 2018 Honda VFR1200X is a 1237 cc engine. This is the V-4 unit, which we could see on a VRF1200F bike. Nevertheless, this model is now in the past. But, it leaves its legacy with an engine. After the retuning, it is more powerful at mid and low ranges. A 76-degree Unicam V4 unit is also producing enough torque for better performance in tight areas. Furthermore, the two-wheeler comes with a throttle-by-wire system.

2018 Honda VFR1200X windshield

2018 Honda VFR1200X design

For the 2018 Honda VFR1200X designers are opting out for a black bike. No other paint job is coming for it. This motorcycle’s aesthetic design helps it perform well on city streets or on the highway. A lot of aluminum will be in the 2018 VFR1200X. That makes the bike lighter, but at the same time keeps its durability. The front wheel is 19-inch, while the rear one is 2-inch shorter. Tires are Pirelli Scorpion Trail. Windshield will protect the rider. However, there is no electrical screen, but it doesn’t make this feature hard to adjust. Contrary, this is one of the easiest systems in the bike industry, with a single lever next to the handlebar.

2018 Honda VFR1200X side

2018 Honda VFR1200X price and release date

The 2018 Honda VFR1200X costs $15,600. With a dual-clutch transmission, the price raises to $16,000. This bike will be available in first half of 2018. Nevertheless, we could see different editions in Europe and the US.

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