2018 Honda Ruckus

As the previous model of Honda Grom was release recently, this model is supposed to be its upgraded version. However, designers have changed the name into new 2018 Honda Ruckus which will be released in some next period. This scooter will not suffer any significant changes about the exterior, but still, there is some performance improvement. Scooter although with small dimension is sporty and futuristic fast bike which provides a nice ride and smooth indulge.

2018 Honda Ruckus side

2018 Honda Ruckus design

The styling of the 2018 Honda Ruckus is what makes it different from other scooters. The naked bike will offer a saddle for a rider only. Even a passenger rear seat is extra, which has no room on this motorcycle. As always, Ruckus is without storage area, but with helmet holder. So, we can say for it that is a simple bike with excellent fuel economy. Two-pieces chassis is lighter than before. Buyers of the 2018 Ruckus will pick one of two colors, white/red or black. It is slightly bigger than Metropolitan, but all other scooters in Honda family are bigger than Ruckus.

2018 Honda Ruckus rear

2018 Honda Ruckus drivetrain

The city cruiser is using a 49 cc displacement. A liquid-cooled engine is able to reach 45 mph. A CD ignition and an 18 mm carburetor are parts of the driving system. V-Drive automatic is paired with drivetrain as the transmission system. Drum brakes are on both wheels. The front suspension uses a fork, while the rear one is a single shock. Curb weight of the bike is under 200 pounds, with all liquids and full fuel tank. The 2018 Honda Ruckus can go 150 miles without refueling thanks to exceptional fuel economy.

2018 Honda Ruckus seat

2018 Honda Ruckus price and release date

A new model of 2018 Honda Ruckus will have to wait with launching since the current predecessor came out this year. According to some statements and comparison, the price for this model is going to be around $2,800. Price is a little bit high, but with many upgraded features and one year of warranty it pays off.

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