2018 Honda Recon 250

The 2018 Honda Recon 250 is going to be the smallest ATV for recreation or utility. There are two versions of all-terrain vehicles in this family. One is TRX lineup that represents Sport ATVs. Recon 250 is the compact vehicle for other, rec/utility class. Nevertheless, we will find Rancher, Foreman, and Rincon. Few things are in common for all these, including the 2018 Recon 250. ATVs have electric power steering and shift program. With programmed help, the ride is simpler for riders. Independent rear suspension and the automatic DCT will get a revisit, which has the goal to make the overall impression better, as well as the performance.

2018 Honda Recon 250 rear

2018 Honda Recon 250 engine

The power heart of the 2018 Honda Recon 250 is a 229 cc DOHV unit. The longitudinally-mounted single-cylinder engine is using the air cooling system. Upper trim of the ATV is the ES, and it gets Electric Shift Program. With it, the rider can easily shift gears up and down. Two buttons are located on the handlebar. The electric starter is simple and reliable. However, just in case, Honda placed auxiliary recoil starter on the 2018 Recon 250. For the 250 cc class, this is one of the best all-terrain vehicles. However, it can’t perform as its bigger siblings.

2018 Honda Recon 250 handlebar

2018 Honda Recon 250 more details

The 2018 Honda Recon 250 is available in three colors. The base models come from the olive paint job. However, buyers can pick vapor white or red ATV. Furthermore, there are some additional accessories available for the vehicle. Also, riders can tune their Recon with fender bag, front and rear rack bags, or with a trailer hitch. Finally, for protection, Honda offers outdoor cover. The whole vehicle could be covered with this water-resistant bag.

2018 Honda Recon 250 rack

2018 Honda Recon 250 price

The base unit costs $4,100. Models with ES system are more expensive. However, if riders want to improve the ride with electric shift program, that will cost $250 extra. But, colors are free, and ES model doesn’t offer the white paint job.

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